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well, the front forgot to explain, I was named senior SEO practitioners before, has been engaged in website optimization, website promotion and website operation, then for some reason he wanted to venture into the sea came out on his own, in the dream in the process, I do a lot of projects, also experienced a lot of partner, but I am sorry, so far I have no intention to get out of work, the only relief is in many projects to do what may have not been able to achieve great dreams of big money, but also did not appear to have the phenomenon of loss.

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4, B2B industry, website category, industry type

typical representative: non mainstream. Entertainment, pictures, stations, entertainment, gossip, novels, stations, movie stations, music stations,

5, B2C electricity supplier retail category, sales type

when I started my business, many of my friends asked me a question. Why don’t you choose to start a business together with traditional business people?

actually, when I started the business I think about these, I even on this model is given high expectations, but many times down, although in our joint efforts, and there is no loss, but in my mind slowly formed a concept, that is in the choice of partners must be careful, if the partner is a traditional business people that need more cautious consideration.

has different ways of thinking. Engaged in the work of SEO friends know we can’t dry this line is some impatient, we work in the optimization of the usual early often are plain water, especially new sites, just on the line in a few weeks or even one or two months to see the rankings is a very normal thing, because we know the website rank building in a day, our present work can be rewarded in the later period, in this kind of thinking and ideology, we gradually develop the habit of not rash, do anything to make that can properly and logically arranged, some problems can also be calm in the face of seeking solutions. This kind of thinking can be said to be a long line to catch big fish, it can also be said to be patient and suffer loneliness. But it seems they in the traditional business people, doing things must resolutely, if not to benefit in the short term, so the reality is that they can not accept. That’s what I’m talking about first. Why don’t I like working with traditional business people because our thinking patterns are really different?.

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, such websites rely on search engines to add advertising, alliance code, and advertising for profit models. Popularity of content topics, attention to network hot spots, focus on sh419 optimization, universal user loyalty is lower.

typical representatives: real estate network, talent network, automobile network, women’s network, shopping guide nets and other

thinking often manifests itself in different opinions and opinions on certain things. If you think these contradictions are nothing, then you are really wrong. I believe you are a tolerant man, my temper is really very gentle, but the differences in the way of thinking when you penetrate into cooperation in dribs and drabs, really unbearable, of course, now you just listen to me, you may want to really understand yourself then, only your own experience.

the requirements of professional degree is high, there is a part of industry experience owners began to do this kind of website, mainly for industrial customers, matching trading opportunities, mainly for the annual membership fee, once done, income and operation are relatively stable.

3, industry vertical class. Vector type

at this time, the mid-term development of individual stationmaster, simply do flow has become increasingly difficult, we start looking for a new way, not only rely on open source website, compared to the interest, this kind of business is more obvious, the website also began the integration of CMS and BBS program, made a partial media website operators a small team, pay more attention to corporate customers.

national day nothing like his own personal blog of a change in the home, make site operators professional website, collect excellent website operation experience the new Webmaster Help quickly get started, this idea originated everywhere these days for the operation of forum of each big website found that without this classification, and memory the history of the development of individual owners in recent ten years.

this kind of website started are derived from personal hobby and DZ high speed development forum open source program like this, this kind of website operation is the most painful, many people give up halfway, early personal interests of their post, pull friends come in, while the user is less difficult to advertising revenue. But now all adhere to the company development, income is also very good, stable, do not have to look at the search target user’s face, at the same time accurate, most of the advertising is the merchant’s monthly advertising, even a bit of e-commerce to ourselves.

2, community forums. Huxing


typical representatives: chemical networks, building materials network, steel network, logistics network and other

this is the earliest personal Adsense very popular way, now less and less, and there are some master sh419 optimization webmaster in persistence.

1, entertainment sites, traffic based

typical representatives: Taobao shop, flower network, mobile phone network and other

well, why don’t I like working with traditional business people? Here’s my reason:

typical representatives: local forums, vertical forums, club classes, communities,