shlf1314 Adsense shlf1314 Apps launched a new product promotionHow to optimize advertising to increa

white, so that advertising looks like a part of the text of the web, will be paid attention to, will be clicked.  

text advertising is much more than picture advertising.  

The following tips in

let me tell you some of the most basic principles that have made my click rate double.  

3.2 . Don’t let your ad look like an ad

and location.  

displays Adsense ads on Web pages, with myriad combinations of shapes, colors, and locations. You can spend hours trying

3.3  use text ads instead of picture ads,

I’ve wasted almost a whole year making only 1/10 of what I should have earned, just because I’m too lazy to adjust the color of the ad,

what kind of ad do you like? Flag? Skyscraper? A rectangle or a square? What color are the borders and backgrounds?  

The advantage of

so how do they win their trust? It’s simple – don’t let them think it’s an ad.  

can greatly increase your click through rate.  

what a big mistake they made! My experience tells me that this is tantamount to throwing money into the river.  

turns a blind eye to them.  

every day

if your advertisement uses very dazzling colors, very thick borders or eye-catching pictures, then it’s easy for the visitor to recognize the ads, and the result is

about everything free of charge

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A. uses the right form of advertising, and text ads can be good and web content >

people don’t visit your website for ads, they want content.  

if your ads are at the top or bottom of the page, or in any other corner, waiting for them will be a neglected fate. So, you know,

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has thousands of options for you to choose from. Many people let shlf1314 make the decision for them, and the result is usually the default appearance settings for the Adsense system.

people today are used to turning a blind eye to banner like things. They hate pop ups, get tired of advertising, and

has maintained a skeptical attitude.  

tests each possible combination. But who would do such a stupid thing?  

3.1 : advertising format: landscaping your ads for success,