A 4 year pioneering road for 90 entrepreneursThe four rule tells the novice how to adjust the store

editor’s note: "road" is a special trek forright capital for "winter" in the most solid entrepreneurs opened a column, including a serial entrepreneur who bid farewell to the venture after settling down and Reflection on peer advice; business transformation and thinking of his gangster talk. This article is authorized to be reprinted from WeChat FREESFUND.

friends puzzle this application, then occupied Renren open platform rankings first position for 3 months. Investors were also looking for it, although I was the only one with no team. I feel smug. It’s easy to start a business. This laid a big hole for my later venture, and it took me several years to climb out of the hole.

new store, how reasonable positioning of the product price? In the shop without reputation, popularity is very low, we use low prices to attract popularity, improve the rate of conversion rate

it’s a chore. The shelf time of your product should be allocated by software or manual, so as to increase the basic popularity of the shop. Products on and off the shelf time, it is recommended to be assigned from Monday to Friday at 10:30 a.m. to 12:00,13:00 to 17:00,19:00 to 23:30 these several periods, it is recommended that every grid 15 minutes off a product. Remember the next shelf expiration of the 10 treasures, plus window recommendation, expired after the cancellation of recommendations, and then added to the block under the shelf expiration of the product. In addition, 5-10 of the highest volume of sales must always be window display.

for a new Taobao store, what is the most important? First, the most important thing is not for profit, not to make money and how will their goods sell out, can let more customers pay, this is the most important. A novice how to better sell their products? Four rules for beginners to open Taobao shop, how to better adjust the shop must remember.

the title should cover as many key words as possible. This needs the ability of combination;

here is his story.

too rigid physical map is unable to show better effect, can impact on the consumer’s vision, so we try to find some good model renderings, which can not only enrich their product images and increase the product appearance

The specific principle of

baby description is mainly for some Taobao sellers from their own businesses where data packets to be modified after the focus. Many businesses provide details of the packet is not complete, then how to do this time? Since the property is not complete, we have to find ways to perfect it. For product introduction, we must write more relevant content, such as product features, product significance, and so on.

1, product title adjustment

2, product picture adjustment

, I decided to start business, the book is not read, from the school pulled two small partners to join, and engaged in a "black studio."". It was 2012, the state is poor Cock wire, but we are very harmonious, very hard, we have done pictures social networking site "hourglass network."". In the summer of the same year, an incubator in Shanghai came to me in Nanjing and said, "just move to Shanghai and I’ll invest in you."." We got the first money and moved to Shanghai to start the business.

today’s narrators are Yin Zhiping, the Jiangsu people, and the 90s. In 2011, Yin Zhiping, a sophomore in college, began writing small software that exploded in renren. The same year he started a business venture, so many years "from the 24 year old Yin Zhiping said, there is a paradox of the vicissitudes of life.

4, window recommendation

1, reasonable product price is the biggest magic weapon for the rapid growth of a new store

. Make sure you take full advantage of the 30 words Taobao gives to the title.

it wasn’t long before we got another round of financing. The whole situation was good, but I stepped into another pit. The pit is a classic: my partner’s equity is half and half. After introducing a new investor, we each have a little more than 40%

two, store product price adjustment

, select keywords, must according to their product actual situation, don’t blindly choose to search large amount of keywords, suggest you choose the current baby number is relatively small, flow is also good;

Article 1: adjustment of store products

in the second half of 2011, when I was still in my second year of college, I tasted the fame of overnight fame. After the national day that year, I developed a small application called "buddy puzzle" on everyone’s Web site". This app can make a picture of all your friends’ heads, and look at your head from a distance and look at the small faces of all the friends in the distance. I had the whim to do whatever it takes, and it made me shocked to get hundreds of thousands of fans overnight. My Renren account is a large size. I can send a random status, even in a very boring state, and receive tens of thousands of comments.

3, baby description, adjust

in 4 years, Yin Zhiping set up two consecutive companies, from Nanjing’s "black studio" started to get well-known venture capital investment. He experienced the euphoria of a night of red wine, and tasted the bitterness of the infighting among the partners and the failure of the competition. He began to pick up his edge and learn to stir up responsibility. For Yin Zhiping as the representative of the group of 90 entrepreneurs, but they are never far from controversy, there are over 25 years old, this is a farewell young age.

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