How do startups deal with giants beware of seven weaponsAnalysis of characteristics of T advertisin

weapon two: copy and launch product

6, disruption startups business model


4, high salary to dig people, undermine team stability,

for the public IT products advertising, than home such as PC or digital products, more emphasis on the user’s visual impact. The general effect of hard advertising is more intuitive, and can form a direct impression on the audience. And some public relations articles, soft advertising, pay more attention to the details of the application experience, for a deeper understanding of technology, products, especially solutions, also has a unique role.

in the same location

from the point of view, according to our investigation, because reading usage, professionals are regularly reading industry and professional media and professional website, for these products on the industry sales in such media, the effect is good. As a supplement, the mass media can play an indirect role. The people who have decision-making power are not necessarily direct technicians, and this recommendation effect can not be ignored.

, the proportion of advertising expenses for software and services is increasing, but overall, hardware is still in use, accounting for about 60% to 70%. General commercial products advertising more standardized, but creativity is also common, basically the shape of the product, coupled with configuration and price, highlighting its cost-effective, mainly not to resort to vision, but rational.

5, poaching partners, destruction of the ecological chain

1 invites the start-up company’s product team to communicate or visit



hardware, VS software,

early 2009, the UC product team has also received an Internet giant’s invitation, they want to visit the company, exchange, I did not understand their purpose, and easily agreed. Later, just want to understand, received such an invitation, means that your product has already caused the attention of the big, and invite your team to communicate with only one purpose – to see the team, you judge how strong fighting force. So if you are a business team, received such invitations, that remember the two fundamental principles, first, exchanges between the two sides more multi level the higher the more not to participate in; second, not in their own internal communication. Finally, get ready for the real thing behind the challenge of the giant soon to launch the same product.

Internet industry is a dangerous arena, people floating in the rivers and lakes, it will inevitably be knife.

weapon 1: invite startups, product groups to communicate or visit

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in 2004, the IT advertisement was mainly plane, and the plane was steadily increasing. Some of the industry’s products tend to invest in professional and industry media, but consumer electronic products from the original mainly in the mass media to the plane appeared frequently on television, and more and more advertising budget is cast in the network, although the network advertisement price is more expensive, but with the search the network technology is increasingly developed, the network media becomes more and more obvious, is expected in the future may equal with traditional media.

UC products,

7, crack down on start-up companies, employees, investors, industry confidence

in the same location

a lot of people say China Internet industry is a dangerous arena, although Chinese Internet giants not in cologne series novel "seven weapons" in the description of the Qinglong will then "evil", but floating in rivers and lakes, there will inevitably be a knife. When startups meet with giants, they tend to take these, either feminine, or vicious crackdowns on startups:

these methods are basically large companies use their relative venture capital and resources design, specifically when to use which means they by this start-up companies have made the product and market development stage in different periods of judgment. Judo strategy is "coping", and the answer to these needs is "art"". Since 2009, we have all of the above "weapons" have gone through, the experience recorded here, hoping to other entrepreneurs who have reminded.

He Xiaopeng, President of

used to talk with digital Zhao Long, from a macro analysis of the characteristics of China’s IT advertising, trends, media delivery and advertising results.
plane network;

hard ads, VS soft ads,

2, copy and launch product

3, the use of channel advantages, a large number of promotion, occupation of the market

professional VS Volkswagen

the next second steps, the giants have launched exactly the same product. What should I do at this time,