For the first time how do two young people make a 100 million media brandshlf1314 launched the AdS

      this practice is very Chinese, because the official blog of shlf1314 is generally based on blogspot, and does not use another separate domain name. At the same time, we may also see that when shlf1314 builds a Chinese blog for other products, it is also possible to adopt this seed domain name. The AdSense Chinese blogs have three introductory articles, the latest in a "AdSense" – misleading policy shows that will make many webmaster shame, because shlf1314 publicly and explicitly pointed out that most of the domestic AdSense download website advertising style is wrong. If your site is of the same type, please correct it immediately, because shlf1314 may be able to check this situation from now on. In addition, shlf1314 also pointed out that two other domestic and foreign websites and blog are common misleading means, and clearly expressed " found that such sites will take drastic measures ".

      AdSense Chinese blog also does not open the comment function, if you have something to say, please send mail to [email protected], or enter the AdSense Chinese version of Groups speak.

      AdSense Chinese blog establishment is a step in the process of localization of AdSense in China, I hope shlf1314 promised earlier localization payment can be cashed as soon as possible. commissioning editor admin01

Justin Justin Stefano and Philip Philippe von Borries have never founded a company before, and have never worked in the fashion industry. But in 2005, they each resigned from their legal work and started the Refinery29, a fashion electronics company based in New York. originally from Business Insider, tiger sniffing compilation

for a long time no one could see them. But now, Refinery29 is one of the few companies in the new media company that can drop out of $100 million. In February, Refinery29 B from the First Round round of financing in Capital, Floodgate, Lerer Ventures Hearst and several venture capital institutions raised more than $4 million 200 thousand. The company’s revenue was $400 thousand in 2009 and is expected to reach $24 million this year.

 :     shlf1314 launched the AdSense Chinese blog today, which also means that shlf1314 has begun to really value AdSense publishers in China and try to give them more guidance and help. Interestingly, the new blog was created on the subdomain name of the shlf1314 blackboard: http://s.adsense.shlf1314chinablog

Refinery29 first offers City guided reading services, and selects small quality brands in furniture, music, fashion and design. These brands often do not have the money or time to market, and Refinery29 has become a good solution. From Refinery29’s service are all fashion companies and small shops. Although two people do not know much about fashion, they have re positioned the Refinery29 to better meet the demand. "We have basically become the new drivers of quality emerging independent fashion brands," Philip said.

when you don’t have money, you become good at making money. Two people have been able to get $28 thousand a year for the first three years of the year by working together with Glam Media. After that, they got a $160 thousand investment and hired two part-time employees.

‘s decision to hire employees opened the door, Philip said. "After 3 or 4 years of brand building, we have a good reputation in the market.". It was as if a spray of oil had been placed on the fire." That year, the company’s revenues reached $400 thousand. Revenue doubled four to $1 million 600 thousand in 2010. In 2011, it appreciated rapidly by $7 million 800 thousand. Last year, >

eight years ago, they were sitting in their own office — the kitchen table of the Philip family — they were broke. No one wants to invest in an entrepreneur for the first time. Justin said he and Philip were not aware that raising money would be one of their options.


"when we first started, we needed to make money," Justin said. "The chance is coming."."