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is a small part of their own views, is a small Loudi real estate network ldfdc by the number of years of experience in the SEO and the current social situation summary thought about a SEO promotion method, mobile phone promotion:

third choices, full-time do Taobao customers. Don’t underestimate the Taobao, don’t think he has nothing to do. People will engage in early Pidianpidian to count the money in that day. Taobao is a major trend in the future. This reason is obvious, because in the future is the world of e-commerce, things we all have, than those who are advertising more advertising circle, so Taobao is a major trend in the future. It is recommended that if you do not find the direction of friends, it is better to engage in Taobao customers, do not need too much technology, as long as you will be promoted on the line, traffic is king!




recently, shlf1314 has been making a lot of noise. Let’s not argue about who is right or who is wrong. Today we will discuss, if shlf1314 really gone, really leave us these hard to do standing grassroots and gone. So what choice should we face? Analysis of the following main, we look at what I wrote, welcomed the message exchange.

open sh419, just enter a keyword, you will find that you can get your N search content. All walks of life too SEO, opponents SEO in strengthening the skills training constantly, constantly seeking new platforms and tools. Optimization promotion facing great pressure, in June this year, sh419 power, N website has become the past. As sh419 continues to improve and update, many means the former has always become the past, this is a quality competition, any means for the future site will stay hidden. SEO also saw such a situation, also began to look for a different kind of promotion measures, the effect is still there, already know the promotion method such as blog, micro-blog, these are the original things but now No one shows any interest in, many SEO do very well, they also achieved the desired results. But this is not enough, we still need to do too much, or need to find more ways.

the second option, we choose a league similar to adsense. This is only sh419. Because at present, although sh419 garbage, but there is no advertising union than he is better, at home, at least that’s the case. So the first type of people to stick to, there will be a lot of people turned to the sh419 alliance. Ha ha, here to predict, estimate that time, sh419 union account sales must be high, because the sh419 union account is not good to apply. So if you have the ability to apply for a number of accounts now, you might as well start hoarding now. This is the group of second people who stick to it and turn to sh419. As I began to Wangzhuan, ready to put on the sh419 advertising alliance. But now has not yet applied for, ha ha, if there is any webmaster to sell sh419 account, I can support your business ah.

as a modern man in twenty-first Century, our thinking has undergone tremendous change, science and technology is constantly perfected, various industries have also begun to seek new breakthroughs. With the age than a thousand things wait to be done, we will bear more pressure, not a forward consciousness, we can be washed out by the society. SEO industry the same way in the face of this, now this is not the era of science and technology, we should also seek a new way of

time: December 29, 2012, just take the SEO of this industry, we are faced with tremendous pressure, all walks of life have extended the existence of our opponents too much, too old. Think of Chinese Olympic Games in 2008 that year, SEO is still a not on the table, are deeply hide in the business behind the operation. However, during that time, the effect is so obvious, a keyword can also be launched just a good ranking. sh419 then, nor now so picky and excellence, although we may not be the table, but our success, we can complete the huge achievement with a small amount of time. Summarize the reasons are: sh419 not picky; opponents too little; each operation is new.


intelligent mobile phone have long been popular in the society, now.


the first option, if Adsense really go, many webmaster will face the first choice: give up the webmaster profession, find another way. In the face of such choice of webmaster should be more. Because many people, including myself, have long been accustomed to Adsense’s way of making money, accustomed to the Adsense is not high, not low advertising unit price. If Adsense really go, then many webmaster will sink. The most direct choice is to abandon the station and go. So, if you’re the first type of person, the following choices don’t have to be seen. Of course, if you insist this time, ha ha, Congratulations, and another cold winter has passed, your webmaster career is closer to one foot.

fourth choices, adhere to the "go out" strategy. This part of the population will also be absent. Go out and make money for the birds. Of course, this part is very powerful, not only a variety of web knowledge Wangzhuan tough birds is more powerful, it is the webmaster industry elite, can say is the webmaster industry in the special forces. Most admire this kind of person, ha ha, can earn foreign exchange. Therefore, the people who have the opportunity have better do it slowly, and the strategy of going out is also very good