Liu Chuanzhi college students have the courage to start a businessWhat does it really feel like to s

Internet era is still sprinting,

a soul that desires to grow, no matter where, whatever, or whatever, will eventually grow up. This process is called entrepreneurship.

"a few years ago, I wanted to start college students carefully.". Today, I encourage students to entrepreneurship, you can have the guts, because the mobile Internet, the emergence of new situations, many young people in Chinese characters also wrote a bad time, computer has been playing badly, make some fantastic things with the method we can not imagine, but conform to the trend of young people, even to do not good, also won’t have what price." Liu Chuanzhi said: "now some young people from the age of 14th Five-Year began to start business, do better than you do, and you do not understand."".

recently, the Ministry of Education issued a notice to allow students to drop out of school. As for how to view college students dropping out of school, starting their own business and starting a business in school, Liu Chuanzhi admits that he is now very different from what he was before.

what does it feel like to start a business,

why does the same beginning have a different future,


from the computer started, now dabbling in modern services, financial services and modern agriculture, in the eyes of Liu Chuanzhi head of Lenovo holdings, the age of the Internet is still in the sprint, the impact by the various sectors not panic, who can run to the end of this circle is unknown.

college students have the guts to start


we often find that the same is open shop, downstairs Wang aunt is open for thirty years, but then handed to two sons, the son passed to grandson, decades later, or downstairs that shop. And next door on the street Uncle Li, also opened a shop, after two years opened several chains, and later opened a branch in the province, and then listed.

"unfamiliar street looking for a girlfriend, such companies are listed, and I such people, how can you imagine, but later people just made it."." When it comes to entrepreneurship and innovation, Lenovo’s godfather, Liu Chuanzhi see photo, admits that his views have changed, "as long as you have the nerve."". Entrepreneurship for young people, Liu Chuanzhi is only a little exhortations: don’t take parents’ pensions into the toss.


Liu Chuanzhi has used "egg hatching chicks" to compare the enterprise to the environment adaptation, the egg hatching chicken’s best temperature is 37.5 degrees

Abstract: any business behavior is essentially a transaction, is a person to convince a group of people to meet their needs, business management is also essential to the needs of human transactions. Speaking so much, in fact, you find that the entrepreneurs around you have two common places: not satisfied with the present, curious about the world.

Liu Chuanzhi said, practice has proved that the mobile Internet industry in the central field, the sooner the better the input. Lenovo investment summary experience is, "things first", artificial heavy". However, when investing in the early stage of the Internet, there is no way to "artificially" heavy". "For example, unfamiliar street looking for a girlfriend, such a company will soon develop, and listed, like me people, how can you imagine, but they made it."."

fears selective law enforcement

Liu Chuanzhi said that the history of China’s Internet era is still very short, sprint local victory may not be a circle all run down, we must calmly treat this wave, brave face.

Ma Yun succeeded today, in fact, his people do not feel very strange. Ma Yun started his business as a complete lunatic, and he was very optimistic. When one of the Alibaba wasn’t there, and even when his salary couldn’t come out, he told everyone about his dream and told the whole world to believe in him.



Liu Chuanzhi believes that there are hundreds of thousands of industries across the country, from the impact of the mobile Internet or fast or slow, but in the end are inevitable, hide and hide. The pace of Lenovo must keep up, otherwise, a year and a half will be a big problem. However, due to the different age of the customer, the adjustment time will be different. If all industries, like "big internet coffee", say "change immediately", they will bring panic. Different industries should be adjusted in different steps.

Jack’s most confident place is that he seems to know that he will succeed, so when he started his business 18 years ago, each of his speeches recorded videos and took pictures. Now these have become propaganda enterprises, publicity Ma best material.


and gull network business, founder led the monthly salary of six thousand dollars, seeing the child to be born again, not hard to leave a life not easy living is not easy to the city of Beijing, has been so drastic and gull network.

most people’s entrepreneurship is actually gambling, major engineering business itself is "out of thin air", because no money, because no, because no fame, no place because of lack of experience, entrepreneurial road, only so, before failure had nothing, but also after the failure is nothing, not to lose more, also no more can be lost, afraid of what

in fact, no matter what we do, the enterprise itself is dead, and whether the enterprise will grow, is only the soul of the enterprise is growing, what is the soul of the enterprise, the founder itself?. That is, whether the career leader begins with the dream of starting a family and expands his ambitions over time.

, any foreign Chinese from ancient to modern times, an entrepreneur can not be from the beginning to the end has been very successfully achieve success and win recognition, when the financial crisis, the network most alarmist we often see: Lenovo into the moment of life and death, get rid of the fall of the fate of Mengniu, Alibaba, the winter is coming, and so on.