You need the courage to dream all your dreamsAre net red someone served CEO Papi sauce still shooti

micro-blog has been popular with such a paragraph: people have to say "go, go" courage, once for travel, once for love, and in fact, people want to dream of desperate courage.

‘s present Shen Napeng is a successful entrepreneur behind successful startups. But these are his toil to every little bit, who dreams with extreme ease, takings, who desperately not through the blood of tears have today’s achievements.

live in the world of reinforced concrete inside, we have a regular nine to five work, every weekend at home, watching comedy drama, destroying three, thinking of contemporary life fun, look for integrity, in the day of decadence, said Seoul grass root how to say how far away. Ask yourself, you are young and innocent about heroic utterance when I grow up I want to do what? At that time, you must be in high spirits and has a dream struggle drive, now if you have to ask yourself to thirty years of age, the original dream also on hand?

people in the process of growing up, always unknowingly deviate from the original set of goals, 20 years ago, Shen Napeng did not expect to do investment, and in his cognition, do this thing, first of all, there are many skills and resources. At that time he was just a boy, what dry cargo are not, fortunately in the past twenty years, he has participated in entrepreneurship, and joined Ctrip home, during which draws a lot of entrepreneurship among the experiences and lessons, and now to the Sequoia, it was a lot of entrepreneurs to do what we can to provide a platform and resources not only have their own, Sequoia, also provide more social resources to help entrepreneurs realize their dreams.

net red has never been a new word. If earlier, "net red" or a slightly low-end grassroots disdain words, but with the popularity of Papi sauce, now net red really began to be popular.

, and now for the 80, 90, the Chinese dream has become more colorful, 30 years ago, the Chinese dream, because the road was relatively narrow

watched the cartoon people to estimate how many know, had the great creation of Anne that "I’m sorry, I only have 1% life" the background of what she is going to start a comic App, fast comics, although there are a lot of controversy, but the micro-blog, for her App to the initial user 1 million how much is this entrepreneurial team, with the efforts for many years.

Shen Napeng said that when he was young, his dream was to become a famous mathematician. Unfortunately, this dream is far away from him now, and it is not possible to achieve it in the end. Now he has to deal with figures, do indeed is the investment, he said his dream now is to build on the entrepreneurs who, as entrepreneurs behind the entrepreneurs, because he had to help a variety of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, to help them achieve a century old enterprise growth development dream.


everyone’s dream stack became the so-called Chinese dream, can be in the eyes of Shen Napeng two, thirty years ago China dream to today’s essence is the same, just recently we put it more thoroughly. 30 years ago, he has the dream of mathematician, starting point is nothing more than two: first, to play their own talent and role; two, I hope this role is positive energy for society, can help social progress. In fact, today’s Chinese dream is no different from the Chinese dream of 30 years ago when he was a student. Today, he helps entrepreneurs grow. First of all, they can play their talents and experience. At the same time, it is also a positive energy

when I was sitting in the back just in front of the Japanese Anne, she did not like a 90, seems to meet visitors accustomed, fast response, also did not disclose any information that I too. Always look around in the manga itself, but too lazy to talk about net red, even feel completely different with them, respect this time everyone has the right to freedom of expression to some red net phenomenon, but we feel common only once red.


although Anne bluntly once "I’m sorry, I only live 1%", the creative to the user, the latter retained very general, most of them are lively. Moreover, the initial copyright problems caused by immature team management also made more people watching. This marketing case is also impossible to copy. But even if this sounds in general retained, outsiders still appears to be the beginning of the birth is like special consecration as enviable.

is currently looking at the public data, the total number of users exceeded 30 million, the monthly living exceeded 11 million, the daily living exceeded 3 million 500 thousand. And quickly, looking at Anne’s name, many of the later users didn’t even know the App was made by Anne. Considering the data inside the industry generally neat example, I went to see the "look" manga comic every update below the comment, the popular comic updated every time less than a week’s time, there will be twenty thousand below the average of about user reviews, comments are also common on average about 4000. The official micro-blog is also very interactive.

in a short interview, one of my feelings is that Anne has been successful in transforming into a company that seems to be already here

a lot of people still cannot read Papi sauce ten million investment, and the valuation of billions of dollars, perhaps the great Anne – a former Red Net, micro-blog has more than about ten million fans, the creation of the "I’m sorry, I only have 1% life" micro-blog comics, won dozens of million forwarding, made a successful transition a comic App first week of harvest has one million users, ranking the first comics application example – side can explain this phenomenon.