Silicon Valley entrepreneur’s warning no need to think too much about business modelsExperience 17 a

in the first place to bring the shock is Twitter and Square · co-founder Jack Dorsey Jack Dorsey; keynote speech. His key words are: the current technology industry needs "Revolution", not just "Disrupt"". "People should think about technology," he said. "That includes the areas of science and technology, as well as the way start-ups are built. He said: "the revolution brings value, the purpose of the revolution exists, and this is a direction and leader.". We don’t want change only, so we can only stay where we are. We need direction and purpose."

Silicon Valley "entrepreneurial spirit" is so clear, wild and intractable. This was at the Disrupt SF 2012 conference the other day, and was heard by a number of entrepreneurs. They have repeatedly stressed that it is not the commercial value, but the spirit of "exploration and revolution", "change the status quo" and "seek different".

four, million ads. The League started in quite high, more than a month there are nearly 100 blocks, there is a stream of text chain also has 100 billion. Later that the code is slow, withdrawal of the code, but they do not pay, because I did not put the code, not approved, probably in 2005! In December, and to think of it, they put the code, through the audit, should pay the money, but because my code is not standardized, deduct 30% commission.

three, hot spots. Because of the IPLUS and 3721 stop doing, there is no advertising at any time on the hot spots, and began to feel good, a month down more than 100, now feel garbage, more restrictions. There is a limit to the maximum hits per day.

their similar opinion is: NO, this is not the thing that the start-up company and the corresponding stage entrepreneur should consider.

six, Zhi Yi marketing interlocking. The threshold of this alliance application is higher, it is difficult to enter at the moment, I applied for N times, and finally through the review. I found the advertisement is not how good, on eBay advertising two months more than 100 dollars, or at the time when Kingsoft, return some more. I make about 400 bucks from this league. Oh, and one more thing. The alliance is sending letters at a slower rate. It usually pays off every month.

one, IPLUS ad alliance, which is also the earliest I’ve done in an advertising alliance. At the beginning of the establishment of the league, TAOBAO advertising, a high volume of registration. Did probably more than two months, income nearly 4000 yuan. Unfortunately, later, because of my small station, they terminated my cooperation with me. Conditions for the league’s application have declined this year. Started the alliance again, but it feels like the amount of registration has been less than a year ago, but the payment is more timely.

when asked why LinkedIn was able to achieve such an ideal performance in IPO, Ho>

of course, you can also think of it as a self suggestion and an advertisement against VC.

seven, PR alliance. The affiliate’s eBay ads have relatively high registrations and good speed. I started from 04 yuan in August to the end of the month, 04 years probably earned more than 4000. Later, eBay was easy to delete, I do not know why has been depressed. The agent WPS alliance is also good, can earn 1000 or so. Now out of sh419’s theme, the ad wants to do. The alliance’s speed and credibility are guaranteed, and the next 20 will be paid on time.

Hoffman, Reid co sponsor of LinkedIn and venture capital partner of Greylock made it clear that business models are something that entrepreneurs should not consider but are always being talked about. ‘people are always thinking too much about business models,’ he says. "When you are a seed company, asked ‘outside your business model is?" but in fact, seed companies like feeling the stones of the people, if you think that felt some opportunities and confident about the business model, then you are wrong, because of this the world is changing."

Twitter two Williams and Biz co-founder Evan Stone said, not always for your business how to make money while choumeikulian, profit that day will come sooner or later; a staff of 12 start-up companies can not let four people to think of ways to make money ". "There is a particularly popular product is not to make money, even to put up the shutters, what to say" bad, everyone love our products but just can’t think of a business model "this kind of words."

eight, Sohu price. From 0>

five, linktech. This alliance audit threshold is low, the general station can enter, I have done for some time, also have to purchase, there are about more than 50 bar, not enough to pay, now suspended not done.

two and 3721 union. This is my second alliance, this alliance is when I do the station, registration of the earliest alliance, just started for nearly two months, but also because I am new station, less than 2 dollars. In September 04, they began to put the advertisement, mainly YAHOO mail and a picture advertisement, the time of the day can be more than 50 pieces, have been very satisfied, then do not expire advertising, is still the League member of diamond.

, and later in the meeting, Twitter’s two co founders and co-founder of LinkedIn have been talking about: entrepreneurs, and when to find a business model.