The gem stories told in those years the market capitalization evaporated in these yearsKara payment

at present, Kara payments business for the bank card acquiring, Internet payment, digital TV payment, mobile phone payment, prepaid card acceptance.

more than 200 stocks limit, stocks only 2 stocks rose, the final Powei closed at 1656.43, down 5.11%. Last Monday, the gem index hit a new low since February 2015.

will decide on what path to follow?

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2016 October, Lacarra group has announced the business restructuring: the establishment of Lakala holdings as the top parent company, under the payment Kara payment service group and koala group.

every time the stock market hand moves, it is bound to be accompanied by dramatic fluctuations in the market. July 17th, the three major stock index Qi Qi, interpretation of "black Monday", while the gem more than 5% decline, closing 1656.43 points, it is hit nearly two and a half years low.

, as one private entrepreneur said, "the IPO rate is accelerating, plus the tone of strict regulation, and the pattern of trying to pull up shares through mergers and acquisitions has been challenged.



subsequently, the gem refers to 4 consecutive trading days slightly red, but did not recover lost ground on Monday. Market participants are not optimistic about the latter trend. One side is the heavyweight Black Swan incident frequently, part of the public raised in which; the other side is the plate performance slowdown, "change face" quickly fall from grace.

business performance, the prospectus shows that Kara pay 2013 2014 year bear loss >

bid farewell to the stock market and theme soar day, forget the story concept capital operation, the gem

according to the prospectus, the Limited by Share Ltd hereinafter referred to as the Kara Kara payment payment planned public offering of not more than 40 million 10 thousand shares, financing scale in 2 billion yuan, funds plan for the third party payment industry upgrading project. CITIC construction securities Limited by Share Ltd is the sponsor of this public offering.

although Monday, Tuesday, the Shanghai Composite Index fell below 3200 points, but then saw the saw, and finally stood 3237.98 points, unchanged from the previous week. And experienced more than 5% of the plunge gem refers to, but with the Shanghai Composite Index gap further differentiation. The gem has fallen by 7.9% on Friday, ending at 1844 points in July 6th, to close at 1690.05.

A shares into the Kara group of Tibet tourism after the abortion, split payment business separate listing on the gem, the financing of about 2 billion yuan, the Commission today disclosed the prospectus.

this year, "small ticket" to sit on the bench, "beautiful 50" copious and fluent singing all the way, the shadow of former crazy God in "not yet out of the institutions left out, coming in the 8 year old birthday Eve, facing a challenge.

back to see the bull market, the gem trading constantly out of myths in the beautiful performance and all kinds of capital in the story, the influx of funds to create another first high priced stocks, but also to enjoy the investment funds are sought after the feast. And with the bull market to an abrupt end, the market turning process, many small plates in the plate stock gradually exposed risks, coupled with the impact of mergers and acquisitions, new regulations, become the funds to flee the shelter. High priced stocks are falling, myth, was keen to fund also inevitably harmed. How high it flies, and how deep it falls.

, a private equity fund manager, lamented to reporters that "these days have gone down."


however, the prospectus said Kara payment at present no actual control. The reason is, first, according to Legend Holdings issued "on the implementation of the Limited by Share Ltd control statement Kara payment letter", to pay only for Lenovo lakala financial investment, in order to obtain investment income, not solely or jointly seek to control the company; second, Kara payment is relatively dispersed ownership structure, there are no consistent action arrangements between major shareholders and shareholders, so no association can actually control the company.

more than 200 stocks limit, stocks only 2 stocks rose, the final Powei closed at 1656.43, down 5.11%. Last Monday, the gem index hit a new low since February 2015.

prospectus shows that the fourth quarter of 2016, Lacarra payment stripped of value-added financial main business in Beijing, Guangzhou small loan Kara Kara small loans and other 10 companies and a subsidiary company.

and God cry heartbroken, the stock market, Mongolia wolf. A little word without words is a thousand tears. Consecutive days sigh, Ming motto, dark visit shares."

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holdings chairman Sun Taoran explained the reasons for the reorganization, on the one hand is the needs of business development, on the other hand also according to regulatory requirements: Kara payment group’s business is by "three" licensing business, koala gold clothing group’s business, financial, financial supervision bureau to do business.

Kara payment services listed in gem, only a part of the original Kara group business.

2016 May, Lacarra group had planned at a price of 11 billion yuan A shares in Tibet tourism, but the deal was released after the market questioned on suspicion of deliberately circumvent the backdoor, Shanghai once issued a letter of inquiry requires the restructuring of both sides to this end, policy changes and other reasons to terminate the transaction.

The plan

ownership structure, lakala pay the largest shareholder of Lenovo holdings, directly holds 31.38% stake in the company, Sun Taoran and Sun Haoran, the total direct shareholding ratio of 13.06%.

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