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shlf1314 does not prohibit AdSense cooperation, therefore, webmasters can rest assured, do not worry about violations. So, what exactly is AdSense cooperation,

is definitely not to cheat, but said, similar to the operation of a single account, in accordance with the requirements of the AdSense on the web site, advertising AdSense in formal way difference is that the mode of cooperation, is the same AdSense account under the ad code, while put to many webmaster website, webmaster to the mode of organization together to form a coalition.

Q: let’s just say something about your entrepreneurial process.

tiger sniffing note: this past weekend, your circle of friends and micro-blog have not been that "I think the 1% life" Shuabing? The author on Lanna evening of entrepreneurship is not pursue nature, but to play against the water feeling with acupuncture. 90 after their own explosion of red, this does not seem to think otherwise, they enjoy. They are linked to the tiger sniffing, said to a group of question and answer. On the basis of their question and answer, tiger sniffing added a few questions to them. Here’s their soundtrack. Wen Chenghui said, "Yu Jiawen and Chen Anni are my good friends. We should hold together to keep warm."."

as example, 31 – month income is $30, four is two Li, after the alliance, within a month, each still have a $30 income, but the income is in the same league account account, that is to say, now, there are 2x$30=$60 a month income account alliance the next month, up to $120, and then the next month you can withdraw cash from their original, 5 months now reduced to March. Obviously, with the increase of alliance members, the strength of the alliance will be enhanced, and the minimum amount of withdrawals can be reached within one or two months, and the settlement will be issued.

Wen Chenghui: a few days ago I was in the "bazaar" cover story, when you go to the newsstand to recognize the boss bought me! I was very happy that you can get a free magazine, but in the end was a discount no boss is too stingy!


Chen Anni: I’ve been on fire, ha ha, so there’s nothing special about it. I’m going to go 5 times in Nanluogu Lane now,




Chen Anni: I don’t know, probably because my personality is lovely! in fact, because the painting is very good-looking, very love you are willing to help me forward, so there are days and months multiplying 8 million followers!

Yu Jiawen: I’m so fire purely because some people parrot, throw a shit everywhere on the left, they are what I played, believe what others say, are helping me like three hype! We are really just such a fire, because the very young is very pure, they said I used to tell the truth! I say that I am naive arrogant boast, my age is so small, I am not proud, I also like a young man? I was more than 20 years old to live like more than 30 years old, the mean life and you said right?

so how do you distinguish between members of the alliance? It’s simple. shlf1314 has provided a tool, that is, AdSense Channel. Union administrator for every franchise owners to provide the alliance ad code, which includes a number of channels belong to the webmaster Channel ID, so that each stationmaster grades can be recognized by the ID, such as Zhang San’s ID 123>

uses the alliance model, with space for time, that is, will you join Adsense their hosting space together, together with a AdSense account on advertising, rather than their own delivery, that is to say, a AdSense account, by joining together to put its advertising, so the the account results quickly reached the minimum withdrawal, once achieved, by the League to the shlf1314 administrator is responsible for the withdrawal, and then according to their respective scores franchisees for settlement and payment.

Q: Why are you burning,

Yu Jiawen: high! The people are in the state of extreme excitement! Do you know? I have dinner in the hotel waiter will be chasing to photo! My parents are very happy, I feel so small so famous, special cow force, but they

Wen Chenghui: some time ago I wrote an article "uncle aunt, entrepreneurship why lie", see the more than 100 thousand person, so the CCTV reporter also contacted me, and then there is my thing within the circle of CCTV exposure of fraud. In fact, very unexpected, and this year, actually speak the truth will be able to fire, which is sufficient to explain the unspoken rules of the circle of discontent to a certain extent,


Yu Jiawen: when I was in high school to do a social networking site to earn first pot of gold, when the University began to do super curriculum, now there are 15 million students in the use of our products, we also get a >


Q: How did you feel after the fire?

for example, master Zhang San, he has a website, the average daily income is $1, in this way, a monthly income of about $30, he will AdSense the minimum withdrawal amount reached $100, at least 4 months, and, in accordance with the provisions of shlf1314, every month must, therefore, be used for 5 months the actual time. Similarly, the webmaster Li Si, his website average daily performance is $1, he also need 5 months time to achieve withdrawals, and so on.