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, the app store, has only 500 apps from third party developers, including games, efficiency, and MLB MLB categories. In the opening speech of the store, apple used a total of three "revolutionary" to describe the store’s influence. From today’s results, the adjectives used by apple did not exaggerate.

invested in American legend pictures and successfully exited in 5 and a half years, demonstrating the precise judgment of IDG capital on the film industry. The United States is Wanda acquired Legendary Pictures in 2016 launched the two blockbuster "Warcraft" "the Great Wall", especially Zhang Yimou’s "the Great Wall" is the first attempt at large Sino US co production, but from the Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin expressed in public view, "the Great Wall" global box office less than expected. How do Xiong Xiaoge feel about the future growth of the American legend film,

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five years ago, Apple’s App Store opened its doors for the first time.

in fact, Libin for Apple App Store has always been supportive, he thinks this store offers the best chance of close contact with consumers for the majority of application developers, and make some good application developers have the opportunity in the industry bigwigs battle.


talk about cultural products

"the movie is going to tell the story,"

On its opening day,

"overnight, the world evolved into a" > "

now, App Store ushered in his five birthday. The store now has more than 900 thousand apps, with more than 50 billion downloads. There is no doubt that the store has been successful for the iOS platform has brought hundreds of millions of revenue, whether such as "angry birds" this kind of game, or Uber these practical traffic software have made a contribution. Thanks to the iTunes music store, which has already secured many users of its credit card accounts, Apple’s early success at the app store has attracted many developers’ attention. So far, Apple has paid more than $10 billion to developers, half of which were paid to developers last year.

Xiong Xiaoge: "the Great Wall" creative script from the founder and President of the company Thomas >

Xiong Xiaoge: we are the second largest shareholder of Legendary Pictures Company, when the company management team told us that Wanda’s purchase price is very attractive, they are also willing to sell a whole, so we pulled out. The transaction was completed last March, and any changes that have taken place, like me, have no say.

has different China film market has experienced rapid development after nearly 10 years, has become one of the world’s most valuable market started to slow down the box office in 2016 two market growth, the cultural and media sector the largest decline, indicates that the industry entered the adjustment period.


, Tencent technology, Tom, Eloise, July 13th,

NBD: the Great Wall has attracted much attention, but the box office and word of mouth seem to have fallen short of expectations. But in this project, China’s capital and film resources are more integrated with Hollywood.

"we didn’t have a platform like App Store before, and it changed the world fundamentally." Company CEO Tim – Cook Tim Cook at the global Developers Conference held last month, said.

introduction just five years, App Store has successfully subvert our impression of smart phones.

now, what is the attitude of capital to the cultural media industry? What are the future investors in this industry? "Daily economic news" reporter interviewed Xiong Xiaoge in this respect.

apple is expected to have created 300 thousand jobs related to the app ecosystem in the United states.

the "daily economic news" reporter hereinafter referred to as NBD: Legendary Pictures in 2015 2014, there are different degrees of loss in 2016, although there is no loss, but the results did not meet the expectations of Wanda, legendary pictures from the Wanda movie reorganization plan off. What did you think of the future growth of the legendary film industry when you invested in legend pictures last year and


this, Evernote CEO notes cloud service Phil Libin Phil Libin said in an interview with Verge The of American science and technology media: "if you look at five years ago in the world you will find that App Store is one of the launch in the same period have the most profound impact on human events."

, thanks to Wanda last year, we managed to quit." In June 18th, at the Shanghai Film Festival "China Film and television leaders summit" keynote speech, Xiong Xiaoge, chairman of IDG capital, revealed the latest developments in investing in American legend pictures.

App Store spent 5 birthday Tencent technology plan

early in 2016, the United States legend film acquisition by Wanda, but IDG capital as early as the second half of 2010 to invest in the company for $85 million. Xiong Xiaoge recalled: "legendary pictures only 28 people, while it is in the creation of global film and film grossed more than two companies total box office. In addition, they showed us 40 minutes of "Inception", which was shocking, so we made the fastest decision in the history of IDG’s capital and the largest amount of investment."