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Kara ? ! lakala exchange informationKara

earlier, the major asset restructuring of Tibet tourism has been questioned whether the stock exchange constitutes backdoor listing, after receiving the inquiry letter of exchange, restructuring terminated.


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responded that Tibet tourism does not constitute a backdoor, the main reasons include: the total assets of the listed company to Sun Taoran, Sun Haoran and its affiliates to buy listed companies accounted for the change of control in the previous fiscal year audited consolidated financial report of the total assets ratio of 93.79%, not.

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had planned route to Tibet tourism, a major asset restructuring by listing.

in March 23rd of the same year, the Shanghai Stock Exchange issued an inquiry letter on the restructuring of Tibet tourism, asking whether the transaction constitutes a backdoor listing.

on the route Tibet tourism curve stranded after listing, Lacarra quickly adjust to the gem IPO.

by the exchange of the inquiry, this time, Kara IPO can have regulators piercing eye

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predecessor was founded in 2005, the founding shareholders include Sun Taoran, Lei Jun and a venture capital; Lenovo holdings holds 31.38% shares, is the largest shareholder of the company; Sun Taoran and Sun Haoran brothers holding 13.06% of the total direct.

settlement cycle: week end.

March 2017, the official website of the Commission pre disclosure system discloses lakala prospectus draft report, to be listed on the gem, the issue is not more than 40 million 10 thousand shares.


is now registered, can also be paid as much as 20 yuan in cash, plus a percentage of the settlement Commission, oh,

February 2016, Tibet tourism announcement shows: Tibet tourism intends to acquire 100% stake in Kara, the overall price of 11 billion yuan; the cash payment transactions on the price of 2 billion 500 million yuan, to issue shares to pay the remaining 8 billion 500 million yuan. After the completion of the transaction, Sun Taoran and sun Hao Ran will become the actual controller of listed companies, Sun Taoran become a major shareholder of tourism in Tibet, the direct shareholding of 24.21%.

The major asset restructuring of the previous

then quickly stripped of its lakala value-added financial business, he moved to the gem IPO. If the IPO is successful, Kara will likely become the first third party payment company IPO A shares.

however, disclosure from the draft declaration on information, in the rapid stripping huge business, Lacarra whether meet the main business within the last two years, the gem issuers no significant changes in the rules to be fine.

suffered a restructuring plan curve listed stranded

in the draft report said, stripping out the company’s main financial value-added business, its development is faced with the uncertainty of future regulatory policies. This means that if the related assets stripped from Kara, will become an obstacle to the IPO approved.