360 cross search is not easy and cherish

a gimmick

A wolf before

after the tiger

the two day search engine industry are two news worthy of attention, first, Google completely hung, hung from an occasional thoroughly. There is speculation that the "hanging" may be a precursor, some people think that "hang" may indicate that this will never leave. Lenovo to the domestic Internet regulatory environment and the recent national information security, after a greater probability of guessing, 28. Second, Zhou Hongyi began to compromise, the Qihoo began to give up the strategic port of PC search. To return to the origin of security. When Google withdrew from Chinese, was also said 360 search to search when big scuffle in the PC, and now Google may completely withdraw from the 360 search is said to contraction front when. A cycle of death. Once the love and dare to challenge the Shanghai 360 search

360 search has made a lot of gimmicks, love Shanghai search far from 360 search manufacturing gimmick. I said 360 search is green search, said I love Shanghai and bidding. 360 search that I can guarantee the safety of the search, Shanghai love that I have for. I said 360 search can search for payment, Shanghai love that I have for. 360 search that I don’t play the evil of the PPC, pay more attention to the natural ranking, Shanghai love that I have for. Why search 360 love making gimmicks so? Because Google quit after an exclusive love Shanghai, the search market has matured, impossible to get new users search, share only from Shanghai Hukou in love. Gimmick allows users to "try again" gimmick, indeed attracted a lot of users are willing to "try again". But the search products, basic is the homogenization of development, especially for search users, homogenization homogenization becomes more obvious, the easier the formation of consumer inertia. 360 manufacturing gimmick is nothing more than to break the inertia. But after all the gimmick is just a gimmick, when the user tried once found: you are merely mediocre, the contrast is not strong enough, to search the user stickiness naturally weak. So, although the 360 have a lot of gimmicks, but the user share soon hit a ceiling.

where to go?There is no money to make

and Shanghai is love in order to avoid confrontation, 360 search also try Zoupian Jian Feng, by other means of intervention to guide users search 360. Includes the following several ways, first, involved in the search through the browser. Once there are 360 browser in the browser market spoiler potential, by combining the address bar and search box, can also attract some users. Second, involved in the search through the navigation. 360 navigation for the 360 search contributed more than 20% of the traffic, but soon arrived on the line, the navigation has become the decline of Internet products. Third, involved in the search by some auxiliary software. For example, 360 desktop cloud disk and so on, to attract some users. However, we can find that the search product, each product, market competition is very intense. The browser needless to say, the navigation website also.