Four Misunderstandings analysis easy to webmaster website weight easily produced

said the common misunderstanding website weight before, I will explain what is your weight and the importance weights of the website. Website weight refers to the search engine to the site to give the authority of trust value, the search engine on the web is higher, to increase the weight of the site is better. Website weight has a great influence on the website ranking, so how to improve website weight is an important problem we Shanghai dragon ER and webmaster to study. I began to get on the floor, four errors easily generated on the weights of the website:


the first error: snapshot update weight is high


website snapshot update with the site update frequency, your site updated frequently, the search engine spiders formed a habit, often to crawl your website, then your website will be more new snapshot. Your weight will also affect the website snapshot, some enterprises station content is limited, cannot be updated frequently, but the snapshot is relatively new, only that the website weight will affect the site snapshot, website snapshot update can not explain the website weight is high.

second errors: included more than page weight is high

included page to determine the site weight high is a very wrong view, included more than page does not represent the weight of high site, also included page less does not mean the website weight is low. With the content of the website included more than page update frequency, the original web site content, and website structure, website content updated frequently, website content originality, website structure flat, beneficial to the spider climb take other pages, grab web content better. I have seen an enterprise station, not much content, search engines are not many, but the target keywords and long tail keywords are relatively ranking, may this time there will be a friend of doubt, he is not doing these words are very popular, not, he did not popular products keywords, search results and love Shanghai auction, there are also some independent domain name, but his website ranking is beyond other sites, this is reflected in the weights of the website.

what is love Shanghai related domain, some people say that love Shanghai outside the chain, is somewhat similar, but only the other website appeared in your website URL, is love Shanghai related domain, if it is the anchor text, is not.

According to the number of

third errors: high PR value is high weight

the PR value high may be the site of the domain name is a long history, or do the chain and more advantages, less outbound links to other websites factors. In fact, a lot of good website PR value of 0, but the front row in the PR than its high site, this evidence strongly overturned the wrong point of view. In the search for "love Shanghai auction net, fishing net PR 0, all PR as 4, but the net is lined up in front of you the photo card

fourth errors: love Shanghai and YAHOO related domain of the chain is high weight