Analysis of search engine development trend in 2013

in 2013 just after the launch of the Shanghai Spring Festival love Scindapsus algorithm, Scindapsus algorithm for website Links strictly against cheating. This let many webmaster suddenly feel heavy up, after the last love Shanghai several major algorithm update after adjustment, many owners think that the love in Shanghai this year will be calm, but the fact is not expected. Scindapsus algorithm once launched many rely on the purchase of the chain of the rankings website instantly be right down, the most representative is the webmaster link trading platform Ali slightly, has now been in love with.

China’s search engine market is constantly changing, and every year, with several major algorithm update adjustment, and every time there is some website search engine relentless drop right. Last year also love Shanghai most frequently updated a year, the main purpose of love Shanghai however each adjustment update algorithm is to combat some of the user’s cheating. At the beginning of 2013, Shanghai launched the green love algorithm, it also shows that Shanghai love search engine in this year still will intensify the crackdown for some cheating. Then this search engine market will be what important changes? Today, love the stars on the issue about the personal point of view, if have the wrong place please a lot.

intelligent mobile phone is more and more close to the computer, but no computer in some functions smoothly, the intelligent mobile phone now has basically replaced our computer reading, watching movies and other entertainment. Due to the convenience of intelligent mobile phone, many users will now direct search function with mobile phone, mobile phone and computer but after all is different, the mobile phone screen is relatively small, which largely affects the user’s search of sports. Some of the sites specifically for mobile phone users are designed, but are often some text content, which greatly affect the user experience. But love the stars, with the mobile phone users increasing, mobile life brings people a lot of convenience users have been affected, the future of mobile search service will also become an important part, and the major Internet Co must also will shift the focus to the mobile service, as a new growth point of enterprise the.

The biggest advantage of

intelligent mobile phone since recent years of rapid development, China’s mobile Internet users is increasing, traditional mobile phone has gradually fade out of sight. Intelligent mobile phone has changed the way of life of many people, we can use mobile phone shopping, entertainment and Internet browsing etc. now, these are the mobile Internet brought us convenience. So in the future of our life, intelligent mobile phone will also be a part of everyone indispensable, on the one hand we can communicate with friends by mobile phone, on the other hand, intelligent mobile phone is the equivalent of a small computer, more aspects of communication between people.

two, efforts to crack down on cheating website will enhance

, a 2013 mobile search business will flourish