A newbest Shanghai Longfeng optimization scheme


answers: we made a column, use the question and answer mode to solve user problems, and not online, of course – not many people ask questions, but demand still exists, but very little. As long as there is demand, there must be a reason to exist.

tools: finally we provide is tools, such as our website provides building materials calculator, floor tile calculator, mortgage calculator and other tools, I believe that many people need to calculate their need to buy what the most reasonable station.

We can also

I do the decoration, I spent 3 months time, the words flow of our local industry monopoly 3/2, it can be said that in the industry do very well today, I took a niubable Shanghai Longfeng optimization scheme to share out, we have seen will feel very valuable.

PS: This is some demand processing station, as for what H1 tags, robots file, nofollow tag, I will not write, the theory is the programmer’s thing, as we can understand, Shanghai dragon ER, no need to further study. The last station optimization is the core, the faster the better open the website.


I first entered the company, our company’s website is not so completely from scratch, I love it, I hate a staff made a mess and then I came out, so this site is my own established.

the four core to meet the demand, I believe our peers can also meet, so we do in this station, need to add an additional value to improve the site experience.

knowledge: the second is to increase the knowledge of building materials, a lot of new people in the decoration is what all don’t understand, so our website provides related value, and the demand is very large, the general portal forum have, but for the enterprise stand for, do not so professional.

home is nothing more than mining demand, then meet this demand, our industry is in the decoration industry, we Changsha, demand is the biggest "company list, price, renderings, recruitment" and it can meet the demand in the content, I basically is in each case a description to the price, nature also meets the thumbnail renderings of the demand, then the company also has a recruitment page, so it is very simple to meet demand. Of course content to meet the demand, we also need to write the title of demand.

our home page to achieve the goals, the natural ranking of a website can not solely rely on words page, we also need to have the content page keywords flow, so the update is necessary, any one want to do the site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, it is necessary to update, because the update an article, there may be a keywords ranking.

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