7 days to get the key words how to do on the home page




selected keywords, considering the site layout



most people see this title first reaction is the title of the party; the heart of a lot of OS from the crackling. I just found out, I told you the idea is the same, I also don’t believe; not possible in such a short time can put a word on the page; subversion that the predecessors of the "at least three months to do that on the front page keywords". Others also need hard every day to update the site, outside the chain? Try to drainage? It also allows live ah!!! But the truth in front of me, I have to believe. (screenshot card)

super popular words: home by other major power station occupied, no space to do on the home page word (explanation is not perfect, language expression ability is limited, hope to understand!)

love Shanghai search "backyard chicken" browsing (observation) first screen what love Shanghai related products, the search results are: Shanghai, Shanghai know there is love love love, love pictures, Shanghai Shanghai video library. Therefore, the site must be the four class contains.



seventh row in the home page. The site first article update time is March 26, 2016.

, a website in the core keywords on the soul. From the above screenshot you should guess what I do? I am currently in the mountain backyard chickens, to create the original ecological green food. Because I was doing "chicken", the first core keyword is definitely "chicken". Love Shanghai search this word to assess the degree of competition, whether they have the ability to do; found a bit found his strength is not enough, the decision to give up. Second select "backyard chickens" search, probably evaluate yourself can do, such as is the choice of the word. Must be in the selection process to avoid the selection of super hot words.

you see the words, will say: "this word is super popular words, except you, other people don’t do." Indeed, my words are super popular word, basically will not bring much traffic to the site, but understand Internet marketing people already know how to cash. (this topic is not discussed in the range today) today mainly about "7 days to get the key words on the front page"

strong demand already know, yet there is no need to consider the implicit demand. The implicit demand is not easy to know, need to see how you know about this industry. I know there are two implicit demand, one is the price.

The definition of

and a special key, you must select the main keyword search volume, try to choose the search volume is greater than 100

website main keywords