Do these five points to send home search engine traffic

four, wide distribution and high quality of the chain.

search engines like we love Shanghai and nobility baby webmaster as "God", as long as make them happy, can get Everfount flow from them, and this is our profit, to make money through the website where! Some of the new owners to search engines look very mysterious, feeling difficult to find them temper, website snapshot not update, included, ranking up not to go, to do the station once feel confused and disappointed. In fact, this need not, the search engine is not so mysterious, their role is to provide Internet users from the vast ocean of information search and screening of high quality information available to the user, the fundamental value of their existence from this, we can understand, do stand to match, understand the search engine there the "mission" and standards, do the following six points, can make the search engine automatically delivered to flow.

for the website itself, to enhance the friendly degree of search engines, specifically embodied in the content of the site is easy to let the search engine spiders to crawl and grab, this requires that we first optimize the code in the website structure, from the fundamental to enhance friendly degree of search engine. Secondly, reduce the content of FLASH elements with the FRAME framework cannot be crawled by search engines, easy to be a spider crawling and grab. Finally, also can make use of the PDF document has congenital advantage weight files to improve the weight score website, so as to comprehensively and quickly optimize the website ranking.

is the only proper course to take good rankings get more traffic, and the ranking obtained breadth and depth and Links are closely related, there is a common method to make a station group impact love Shanghai ranking is the use of a large number of links, fast lifting the weight of the website to obtain the rankings. So, want to let search engine traffic to send home to the importance of the role of Links. The importance of quality chain is much higher than the number of links to find high correlation, high weight website in Links, and get some more one-way links, for the rapid increase in weight, obtain the good ranking effect.

two, a quality advantage Links.


search engine every day sent a huge spider in search of information in the vast sea of the Internet, and combined with the user’s interest to search these contents sorted, scoring by the quality evaluation system, and according to the assessment of quality ranking. So, please search engine with quality content is the site to get good rankings, and then obtain the fundamental flow, so to increase the original and pseudo original article content and has certain "search heat". At the same time, should also pay attention to develop a good habit of regular updates, this site will be able to quickly get the favour of search engine.

three, clear structure and easy web structure.

, a high quality and continuously updated content.