Grace and hatred of 360 search and private hospitals



statements of a school, when not true. This paper starts from the 贵族宝贝leezisem贵族宝贝/post/133.html by the plum original please keep the link.

the Internet is boring, but the Internet is wonderful, if you want to list the recent internet wonderful vote, I think we will select 360 search". Chinese search market is always love Shanghai alone big, Sogou, soso there did not affect the Shanghai exclusive love cake. However, a 360 search. All are scared. Public opinion. Love in Shanghai. Let this new search engine is the focus of attention of Internet rapid rise. Here the plum and not to say the environment, only the private hospitals out look en hatred and 360 search and private hospitals.


360 search on the line, then love Shanghai ushered in the data changes. After a large-scale reshuffle 6.28K station, to have more love to Shanghai in awe of medical men hate Shanghai dragon. But because some awesome website ranking in the 360 search, a search 360 seemed to become a savior. Grassroots medical, Shanghai Longfeng hope all want the rapid rise of search 360. However, this Thanksgiving 360 search good times don’t last long, does not seem to care about the health of Shanghai dragon.

360 search en

do not play by the rules, has 360 characteristics. A recent change, completely poked the weakness of private medical. Behind the website snapshot of the related information website for the search keyword search in the 360 class hospital. Click the record icon will appear after the website name, website address, website organizers and record the license number / type information.

360 this action is undoubtedly the child, "the emperor’s new clothes". The one we are to expose the lies to avoid the. Is a private medical profit based on the needs of one is based on the needs of 360 users. Grace or hatred worth mentioning, sincerely hope that the domestic network environment and medical environment to track.

had a private medical network people know, the website for the record has been a private hospital keep from talking about weakness, whether personal or corporate filing filing is not qualified. The so-called pre-approval, private hospitals has been elusive.