2012 Shanghai is the love of the medical industry doomsday

around November, love Shanghai imitation of 360 types of medical search, in search results related website record information, and remind the user Caution! Website. In the domestic website for the record has been relatively slow, so many owners choose not to record or by individual case, but the search results appear, is undoubtedly the medical industry have a huge impact, the user for the medical website some personal record or the record no longer trust.

3.10 month

4.11 month

in Shanghai for love, for special keywords in a hospital, not allowed to have sex for Shanghai. For example, before bidding can have love Shanghai XX Hospital in Beijing, now the hospital name for word has not emerged, whether it is the search which hospital do not appear. So the protection for hospital brand words, only through the Shanghai dragon to achieve, but also love Shanghai Shanghai dragon of medical industry vigorously against.

the end of the world?

2.9 months 5 days significantly drop right

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website record information in search results

in September 5th or so, take down the right measures for most medical type website. In many webmaster has not come out from the haze of K, and earlier than the right down, it is one disaster after another. Drop right after the home page chain is very normal, but there is no website ranking. Originally included in the site restoration work is more difficult, now right down, more difficult to restore.


is the most serious one is the best one, although the time is not "6.28" for the medical industry impact, but around August 22nd, all the medical industry are basically eighty percent of the health care industry is Starving people fill the land., with elevation of hair, unless it is a regular local state-run hospital type website is still strong, basic the private medical website all the feathers, was given a lot of medical industry caused great losses, even now there are many sites still did not recover, but most of the current web site included and are still in the home.

5.12. >

according to the latest news, the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love to take professional certification on all medical terms, ordinary users will not be able to participate in editing, revision of written only by certified medical experts. The weight of love Shanghai Encyclopedia has been in the first place, the medical industry is the Shanghai Encyclopedia of sex as the focus of the "Rainbow plan" but love Shanghai encyclopedia so that after the general medical practitioners will not be able to edit the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love. This year, the medical industry is really difficult, love Shanghai, Sogou, 360 etc to the medical industry vigorously against and punish. Look at the following Shanghai love for the medical industry hit, 2012 oil is the medical industry

measures in Shanghai bidding 8.22" incident