From the love of Shanghai green dream algorithm 2 teach you to identify the real soft Wen


as an article I wrote "how to write the medical station more attractive?" this is my apprentice, long long written, interested can read. How do you play on the title of the article definitely help, here I just say a little, don’t puff, such as the following several cases, you don’t have, "a senior expert outpatient, medicine", "XXX hospital, is your best destination", "XXX hospital, trustworthy reputation". These are the object of Shanghai love attack, if I had the chance to see this article, don’t write.

this time love Shanghai algorithm update is mainly for news sources containing obvious advertising factors of the article, I look at the case of Shanghai love list, gave me the feeling of these articles is not soft, I do not know what made up, do not know how many news editor at the time of the harvest the black, so the garbage, obvious advertising, a user experience not to release, and reproduced a lot, I kneel to these people.

this time, we have to look at what is soft, from the love of Shanghai green dream of algorithm 2, we can clearly identify what is really soft, love Shanghai need what kind of soft, I hope this article will bring you some harvest.

two, the title dare not so "thunder"

, the source of the news articles can not be less with your "logo"

Hello, I am full of love, remember when 2009 just join Shanghai dragon, at that time the chain is how easy, let me think of Shanghai dragon is the hair of the chain, this idea has been extended to now, since 2011, Shanghai love again and again the algorithm updates, upgrades, let me clearly, what is the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon to do what, now I think, do the most important is the essence of Shanghai dragon how to write a good article attracted dozens of network reproduced, which indirectly enhance your own influence, so as to achieve the brand effect of the soft.

I said, is your website address, do a lot of Shanghai dragon, writing is not just for this chain? So now write the soft, very similar, the only connection is not the same, some people put the changed a bit, plus your connection, it is a new article, still can put the news source. But in a very coherent position on its own web site links, such as like me (www.shidingyouji贵族宝贝), is not anacoluthon? I believe me this article if released, you must be changed beyond recognition, do not believe, you will see this article. Look at it a few days, absolutely let you eyes of a flower, let the author appear, a sharp rise in influence, but the content has a sharp decline.

three, your "home" do not put in the wrong position