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perhaps it’s no longer important to swing between plagiarism and innovation, and it’s important that you create value for your users. It’s a question whether there’s any need for Chinese users to be shielded from GFW.

in addition to 460 million yuan equity financing, in the first half of 2016, King domain culture also borrowed 545 million yuan.

, the donkey mother is leaving the new board,

December 12, 2016, Jing domain culture has just completed a 720 million yuan financing. Just take the money on the "running", where is the donkey mother ready to go,


, the biggest headache for Chinese Internet entrepreneurs, is the plagiarism by China’s big Internet Co. In fact, what is "innovation" has no concern, and any real effective protection is hard to find traces of the entrepreneurial environment, even if you have a little innovation, a larger competitor can also grab your results in a flash. Some people may say, why not use legal weapons to protect themselves? You will find that the court have to beat each other — was criticized as "a few large Internet Co, already copied nature" to make no reply to the application for your patent, occupation interests of entrepreneurs face can only be at a loss what to do.

in a sense, this is the essence of the OTA online travel industry, the homogenization of products and services, into the low cycle of low interest rates and price wars.

says that culture in the realm of culture is nothing more than a money burning machine. Shortly after the listing, the king began to finance regional culture. June 22, 2016 completion of the first financing 460 million yuan, the actual issue of shares of 8 million 280 thousand shares. Zhejiang Huace Limited by Share Ltd, Shanghai village, Zhongjing investment partnership limited partnership and natural Xu Yitian three investors participated in this set by the Huace subscribed 4 million 500 thousand shares, becoming the sixth largest shareholder of Jingyu culture.

2017 first working day, King domain culture 835188.OC news release, because of the company’s strategic development and the next step deeper capital operation needs, decided to apply for termination of the stock transfer system listed.

GFW’s first law: as long as the user generates content User-gen>

/ Feng,

this is a country that lacks any protection for innovation.

of course, Jingyu culture and other capital market can choose, such as the Nasdaq, but in the collective concept stocks are undervalued, have chosen to return to the domestic capital market tide, Jingyu culture is less likely to select the landing nasdaq.

landscape culture – less than 3% of gross profit?. From 2013 to 2015, the donkey mom’s gross profit margin declined continuously, even in 2015 to as low as 3%. Although online water 3 billion 100 million in 2015, but the gross profit margin of less than 3%, the actual income of only 71 million 430 thousand yuan, not as good as consulting business income.

landscape culture in the three new board of these years: non-stop burning money, and constantly melting money



GFW brings obstacles,

searches for "China Copycat" in shlf1314, with all kinds of critical information coming into view, and some even raised the issue to the cultural level. Interestingly, "copy" notoriety seems to be dominated by entrepreneurs to bear, big companies may not care too much. You can despise them morally, but the ultimate winners are still them. Dancing with shackles of entrepreneurs even the survival problem, accusing them of "plagiarism" meaning is really small, just in pain.

if summed up in a sentence, the domain culture in the three new board of these years, that is: keep burning money, and constantly melting money.

online business continued losses, gross margin continued to decline, losses continued to expand, so you need a steady stream of funds to support the burn war.

2015, King domain culture loss 430 million yuan. In the first half of 2016, the cultural income of Jing Yuan grew by 163.02% compared with the same period last year, reaching 2 billion 696 million yuan, but the losses continued to expand, reaching 256 million yuan.

, in Silicon Valley’s investors and analysts, China may be the first big market for billions of people. Each cell phone user installs one of their App, and it definitely hits a massive user base; everyone clicks on an ad and they make a profit; every company buys a device and they can IPO it.

from the path of view, China’s plagiarism can be divided into at least: large companies to copy Silicon Valley big companies, start-up companies copied Silicon Valley start-ups, big companies copy small companies, small companies copy each other……

but these have China Cidaoxianhong the entrepreneurs more than they understand Chinese market. Silicon Valley bigwigs fear little attention to the plight of Chinese Internet entrepreneurs. We take a look at those across these entrepreneurs need to face the past Kaner what. The issues mentioned in this article may not be unfamiliar to Chinese Internet entrepreneurs, but they are indeed some arabian nights for Silicon Valley readers.

Jingyu culture based on the travel donkey mother, is the main business by providing consulting services to the tourist attractions, collect fees; through online channels, online sales of tourism products, the Commission and agency cost. Formally listed on the new three board in December 22, 2015.

copied or innovation