The ad man came back into the toilet put goods in the advertising allows users to scan code to buyD

3 days later, Mcgovern died.

IDG capital founding partner, Xiong Xiaoge,

San Francisco in March 16, 2014 at the Stanford University hospital bedside, sad to say goodbye to Xiong Xiaoge Jiangrenleishui, followed 22 years of the IDG founder Mcgovern.


the feeble old man can hardly speak, but to see the flying Xiong Xiaoge vaguely make light of travelling a thousand li, smile on the face, and to gather all your strength, want to be the same as usual and old friends in fine Fig.

was such a special relationship that Xiong Xiaoge could only say goodbye to Mcgovern’s favorite "Good News" before dying in the hospital bed. In the final with 22 minutes, Xiong Xiaoge told Mcgovern this life to create two legends: one is the coverage of publishing, research, venture capital IDG, two is the Brain Science Research Institute at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology set up, he will be the two legends in developing the Chinese.

for the past 8 years, I’ve done only one thing, dealing with the property, and putting the screen there.

However, in

studied for 7 months, in August 2011, the button media was founded, I invested independently, the pressure is great. At that time, only that place can be paved block screen, but what kind of screen shop, how shop, how to talk about the money with the property, do not know anything.

in 2006, I started the bright corner and is now the largest bathroom media in china. When men urinate, there is an advertisement screen on the wall parallel to the line of sight. The upper part is advertising. There are cartoons and jokes below. At that time, the scale was quite large. In 70 cities, I made about 1000000 screens.

Hunan >

actually, as early as three years, I found that the outside of the elevator button that position is good, everyone after the elevator to wait, or face to face, which compared with those in the elevator, is a very good difference.

is Mcgovern support the plight of Xiong Xiaoge, and this is the only and last chance, it was Xiong Xiaoge’s turn to the boss and mentor in life cheer. The dying man goes in Xiong Xiaoge’s mobile phone recording, out of the ward, Xiong Xiaoge from the door curtain gap watching Mcgovern, tears.

screen will not let me into the


below is button, media founder Sun Yuxuan dictates:

helpless, I changed the way. I found some neighborhoods are not tiled walls, white walls, and some dirty

introduction: some men will notice, in Restroom pee, sight parallel walls, an advertising screen, the upper part is advertising, following a cartoon and joke, the Restroom media — bright corner, has caused repercussions in the country, a man named Sun Yu Xuan became famous.

Xiong Xiaoge can still clearly remember, IDG has just entered the China erected 7 years ago, every year to China tour five or six times Mcgovern, facing an almost blank report "is always calm and. In 2011, Xiong Xiaoge asked why he dared to bet on an inexperienced man, Mcgovern laughed, "because you dare to bet your youth on China’s future.".

advertising screen better,

the first two or three months, the property does not agree with me. They said they had packed their bags. Why did they pretend to have mine?. I give him money, he does not, I want to rent, he does not think that money does not mean much.

with a "Hunan flavor" plastic Mandarin, always optimistic and cheerful attitude, become Xiong Xiaoge unique personal charm label.

in the past 22 years, Mcgovern visited China 130 times, and Xiong Xiaoge accompanied him 110 times. Xiong Xiaoge and Mcgovern worked together for more than 22 years, and longer than his father together, this "special relationship", so that the farewell two people are very emotional.

has been doing it for 5 years, and I sold it. 5 years, a lot of red bright corner holding company, the paper Hanvon early, then hoze guarantee, on the financial grid, are made up of my hand. In 2011, I plan to do business for the two time, and I want to do the frame advertisement, but I don’t want to copy it. The public does it in the elevator, and it doesn’t make sense for me to follow the trend.

Where is the


three years ago, he created a new idea, do another company – button media: put some goods on the screen, below the reserved two-dimensional code, users can use mobile phone scan code to buy, then jump to a business platform, Tmall, shop No. 1 above. At present, in many communities outside the elevator upper and lower buttons are hung with Sun Yuxuan’s screen, through the "scan code + drainage" way, he wanted to occupy the next line of traffic inlet.

does not know the direction, the two venture

"and I am looking forward to this moment, just like the old wheat 22 years ago. I want to try to find and activate the dreamer, the new generation, and the IDG."." Xiong Xiaoge says.

resistance property

from journalist to investment

at the beginning of December 1991, Xiong Xiaoge returned to China with Mcgovern’s trust, and the establishment of Chinese first Vc firm in Shanghai in 1993. In the past 21 years, IDG has made great success by investing in sh419, Tencent and 360. At present, more than 300 investment companies have been established, and 70 companies have successfully listed or exited through mergers and acquisitions.


I rented an office in Chongwenmen with an area of more than 20 square meters, very small. There, I experienced a period of labor, and I could not see the hope for a long time.