Analysis is not conducive to the website optimization and search included several cases

site navigation system to let the search engines cannot read "

2, "no title or title does not contain a valid keyword

3, the web page text keywords less effective

website is the cornerstone of informationization of small and medium enterprises, not a website in the Internet era is not good to greet people. For the small and medium enterprises, for cost considerations, will choose self-help, free website etc. website building tools to create their own web site the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, such as micro enterprises such as the station platform.


is the main site of the title of the soul, but also tell the search engines what is the web site for the search for the main spider see the title, then only the content of the website is the website so it is particularly important for. The page title in the keyword like code, as your name, if you want to be remembered, the most direct way is to tell you what, after all, keyword page title, but after careful analysis, extracted, is the core of an article.

Shanghai dragon is the most basic articles and pictures of Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon, flash and pictures is a pretty good-looking, but the search engines don’t know, he could not read the text, so the website of Shanghai dragon, is very unfavorable.

said many people mentioned website navigation of the row of the main navigation bar navigation is the site of the above, this is a misunderstanding, we must correct. Site navigation includes not only the main navigation, other website, the classification, your current position and return home, to return to the previous page is a part of the site navigation system. Clear the site navigation system is an important goal of the website design, website of architecture, user information.

Flash The

1, "uses a lot of pictures or other forms of


from Shanghai Longfeng perspective, optimization of key words in the text, or natural writing mainly, if the mind can have an important position in the distribution of keywords, synonyms, synonyms, split combination concept phrase, writing from consciousness to consciously use of these methods, the better. It is more important for users and the conversion rate of writing.

stands for Search Engine Optimization Shanghai Longfeng, search engine optimization. There are many methods of search engine optimization, through the accumulation of practice will have a certain effect, but also appear to be wary of is not conducive to the optimization of Shanghai dragon, the following summary are not conducive to the Shanghai dragon website features:

website is the first step of small and medium-sized enterprises Internet plus, equivalent to the establishment of a network marketing base, later also need a large number of network marketing to improve website exposure. This is one of the Shanghai dragon.