Evidence of love Shanghai spiders can crawl the text

after a search found that when the website reproduced in the article, the above URL, and text URL:

found a 404 crawl crawl is wrong, but 贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/1227.html was behind a ">" theory will appear this kind of link error ah.

long ago I wrote a good text format. On the weight of the website, today I finally found a pure text site can attract spider love Shanghai evidence.




love Shanghai Webmaster Platform has to open the station, which has many useful functions, including the submission site map, submit dead links, check the robots and so on. There is a function you may not pay much attention to it, and that is the site to grab the abnormal query.

can know from this example, Shanghai is love can grab the text on this site, the majority of Shanghai Longfeng workers and Internet practitioners is good news.

This article from the

love Shanghai because to grab the above URL, and the > a part as the web site, and crawl, naturally appeared 404 mistakes.

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free blog, this paper address: Shanghai dragon 贵族宝贝libo贵族宝贝/1230.html, please indicate the source and

sometimes our website or other abnormal, then have to find the reasons analysis of Web log. This tool can be directly found, when love in Shanghai grab your website the error, easy to find reasons.

When I checked today