Web site optimization process of several common fatal error

fatal index: you can feel

title label

so, how to solve this problem? One way is to use the 301 permanent redirection, will turn to other URL to the one you want only URL, such as example贵族宝贝 redirected to www.example贵族宝贝, so the search engine will know which URL is your home page. Method two is when the release of the chain links all point to www.example贵族宝贝, the effect is the same.

web server instability

everyone in Shanghai Longfeng optimization process will be more or less mistakes, some mistakes can easily make up, but some wrong once made even if other optimization methods do more also play a significant role. Here we look at the four Shanghai dragon optimization process of fatal error:

: the number of fatal reason released the chain should be a gradual process, especially when the site just on the line, the search engine that is normally should not have a large number of the chain is generated, so the railway station, not just on the line released a large number of the chain. The search engine is that the number of every day the chain of a website is the increase should not change significantly, but many of the newcomers and even some veteran don’t pay much attention to this, when they are free to publish a chain, not empty all day when not a few, the jump chain quantity change. It is easy to think that cheating sites in the search engine.

: you can feel you can feel the deadly index,

frequent changes

, you can feel the

fatal reason: please think about the search engine is the essence of what you want to do? No doubt, its purpose is to show the best website content to the user, allowing users to easily find the information he wants. Then please think about: if a site is often unable to visit? By the search engine users click do not want information is very waste user time? I want a search engine in any case will not let users click on often after back with nothing. Based on the above reasons, often hang up Web site it is very difficult to obtain the trust of the search engine, is not to mention the ranking.

web address is not standardized

index: Deadly ?

fatal reason: the search engine will record the corresponding URL in the web page content access, once a web page corresponding to two or more than two URL, the search engine will be at a loss what to do, it will "think": the display to the user to choose which URL

fatal index: you can feel you can feel

fatal reason: the search engine to know what the site is about one, first of all to see is the title tag, it is equivalent to the entire site "face". Especially for new sites, frequent change >

released the chain number change is too large