The use of high weight blog or forum tag to increase the site outside the chain

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believe that the webmaster should see here understand my method, I will describe the specific. First released a blog or forum posts, in the beginning, they need to own web site (because only a small part of the interception in tab in the beginning of the article), and then set the tag setting, should pay attention to the following 2 points.

2, tag do not set too much, about 5.

as a webmaster all know, the chain ranking on the site has a crucial role. The difference between the chain and the chain of high quality and low quality of the chain. For example, to publish the article in the Admin5 belongs to the high quality chain, and the chain software group belongs to the low quality of the chain. But we can not deny that the optimization of the low quality of the chain on the site or have a certain effect, especially to some degree of competition small keywords. This paper will share a practice after I verified the increase of the chain method, the use of high weight blog or forum tag to increase the chain.

so, to set up 5 tag for example, published an article, there are 5 chain opportunities, as long as the label page indexed by search engines, you can quickly improve your site outside the chain.

1, set the tag can not choose too hot word, to choose the basic of others will not be set in tag, so as to ensure the tab in your article on the top;


I personally practice, specific to the operation of the forum I cannot disclose, but please try to find myself, my site has been using this method to do the chain.

webmaster are in a public blog or forum published blog posts or articles, bring your own web site, using this method to increase the chain site. However, the webmaster in published articles or posts, whether to set the function of tag? Tag, is also the public label, blog or forum of tag have a special web page to display, if an article is provided with 5 Tags, then there are 5 pages of this article. Please note that the high weight of the blog or forum tag page will also be included in the search engine, such as the Sina blog tag is love Shanghai included, included in the amount of more than 30 thousand, very impressive.