The recent love Shanghai really love Shanghai snapshot through cramp

a lot of people have appeared in such a situation, through to the snapshot is a variety of time, many people even said that the website snapshot of my time has not been established yet, love Shanghai you are too wonderful, traction do so long, now the topic, why, for what will be as the saying goes, Shanghai will not love the turmoil after It is without rhyme or reason. cramps, data must have a major adjustment of love Shanghai algorithm, this is no exception to this is my five year portions of an article in the same publication in A5 (the original Shanghai love is coming, are you ready to talk about love) is Shanghai the original plan, which referred to the day Shanghai will eventually restore the snapshot, or later will basically do the snapshot time is consistent, the snapshot time is equal to the release time, when When I remember and A5 editor said he said triumphantly, let me have a such soft at the time, I have to say the time has not arrived yet, today is very pleased to see the day almost here, so they brought a pen


the same article, you look carefully, the first time is when I grab the snapshot, second of time today I caught, by contrast, the two snapshot time is not the same, but the second is the real time, that is to release time I mentioned a snapshot of the time, not just I mentioned this, believe that many webmaster also found themselves, a special bit of so-called crossing outside, most of the time the snapshot is correct, basically also homing, original plan has a spark point is a variety of factors to examine the original, one referred to the author the release time of these will be considered, because the previous snapshot is updated with the love Shanghai more.

well, around August 30th, the website SITE data most basically returned to normal, when everyone is hanging in the heart is not completely calm, the new situation appeared, it was through the snapshot frequently mentioned,

mentioned before was a part of Shanghai love website plan original spark testing, testing for a long time, now estimated technology accumulated almost, now to the large-scale spread of the time, of course can not be said, must have for this example, I do so, what is more convincing

the last few days, I believe a few love Tucao Shanghai, what Baidu and crazy, Baidu cramps, in each big Adsense BBS, QQ group spread around August 27th, SITE data with the previous serious deviation from the originally, some tens of thousands, hundreds of people suddenly become even better, for example NetEase such as Sina, SITE data, time seems to be almost exploded, so love Shanghai out of the emergency notice, to tell you there is no package that large-scale K station, please rest assured that the webmaster friends, ha ha, note here love Shanghai language, is the webmaster friends, not the webmaster ha.