Website Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and analysis of the strategy of SEM

Flow into

two, product type keywords, such as FLYCO FS711 shaver, apple (Apple) iPad 2 MC982CH/A, Joyoung electric pressure cooker JYY-50YL1, this kind of key words, Jingdong and Dangdang in Shanghai ranked in the first, second page ranking, the effect is very good.

website and common CMS websites, personal blog is different, the main difference is the keyword selection strategy.

The characteristics of

card reader, SLR, recording pen like third classification


his first classification such as: household appliances, digital mobile phone, computer products, automotive supplies, sports and health

we can see the "apple" in the search keywords love Shanghai, Jingdong in third pages.

as a contrast, we look at the classification of

his two categories such as: large appliances, household appliances, kitchen appliances, a health care, home hardware etc..

For example,

love Shanghai search "Joyoung electric pressure cooker JYY-50YL1, Jingdong in the first page, Amazon is also on the first page.


features of this kind of word is: some people search, search models with love, or to a very clear, accurate, the purchase intention is greater. There is also a case to see this product on the Internet, direct complex matter pasted to Shanghai and then search for love.

brand dangdang贵族宝贝 Joyoung love row the first page of Shanghai

mobile phone communications, digital photography, kitchen appliances, bathroom appliances, such as a classification.

his three categories such as: washing machine, flat screen TV, electric fan, >

, brand keywords, such as: apple, Lenovo, IBM, Toshiba, TCL and so on, this kind of keywords if in love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon baby in noble ranks among the top three to five pages, then, the optimization of excellent brand keywords, if the first ten pages also have no, there is no significance.

some friends on the electricity supplier website Shanghai Longfeng analysis is very interested in, because this kind of website for large sites, complex structure, classification of miscellaneous, but there are some common places, where you can do some guidelines, understand the electricity supplier website of Shanghai Longfeng situation optimization from the following several years, some instructions or very useful reference.

which is also more common in business class website.


occupy a brand keywords is enough.

in digital photography, photography, camera. Digital accessories, fashion video second classification

of website of business decision, when we study their words positioning, to be divided into the following categories:

third product key words according to the data structure of the electricity supplier website, open the electricity supplier website can see beside the menu.