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I also mentioned in "medical network SEM editor hand" in an article for the user, especially the medical reading time is extremely short, if an article copious and fluent thousands of words, the majority of cases users will choose to leave. For users, the purpose of this article is to read the information he wanted to get this information, perhaps just a few words, but if the "Keywords" hidden in the hundreds.

[reprint, copy, pseudo original, high quality pseudo original and original]

believes that the above title will hurt to many medical web series of eyeball, indeed, every mediation in a wide variety of articles, writing and editing of the day in and day out will be more and more, feel the starting point of the continuous depletion and subsequent lack of creative sense.

[exhaustion and creative thinking of the weak]


[the mountains are not high, but the immortal spirit; the word is not much, this is

I mentioned such a word in the February 2nd "medical network SEM editor hand": a lot of the medical industry network series that usually work simple and boring, no technical content and future development. However, you really do net up? ", since this period of time, many friends in the process of network editing and the communication are revealed in a common point, the author summed up a word is, no words can write text without a.

with this phenomenon in most of the editing of more and more obvious, many people have come up with the solution to the first reference is copied, reproduced, and then modify the original artifacts and core words of high quality pseudo original, the last step is to analyze the extraction methods of learning combined with their ideas characteristics of the original article. Of course, compared to the same process step division level also determine a medical network basic editing capabilities of editing. The author believes that the flow of the three network series by copying, second-class web series by first-class network coding method, rely on the idea. The flow of the three network series is the search and copy the pure, they even copied directly to rival the word does not fall over without any modification; second rate net based can and copy in search of their methods and find the shortcut to the pseudo original, whether on the structure or content and they can effectively control, but they rely on methods, most cases just follow others to teach only; first-class network coding by ideas, also need to copy the compiled class, also need to be modified, but also need the original, first-class network series before copying will read the text, before modification will mining article highlights, in the pseudo original style before thinking. The author thinks that a good health care network, is a prerequisite to an article from that and then dig the essence, secondly to refine these extraction essence, finally can be digested into their own articles, it is the so-called "discard the dross and select the essence", "one can suddenly see the light".