Website optimization is a continuous process of thinking

third, be sure to find suitable learning methods. The optimization process is not immutable and frozen, we can see that according to different industry optimization strategy also be quite different, so I think the optimization process we need to find suitable learning methods, rather than blindly imitate, beginners can we learn most is work while studying, stationmaster net, Shanghai dragon why forum is the webmaster position of study, in addition to the above way some friends love to get knowledge through books, some friends love to deepen the impression of learning through video, in fact no matter that the same results, the purpose is the same, in order to promote the optimization of their skills as soon as possible, easy to deal with the problem in the work, therefore, on the basis of learning habits and for their own methods, formulating a scientific study plan is very necessary.


first, we must establish a victory over their attitude. I found that every one of us is being inert, this inertia can be said to be innate, with their own example, every day he must write some original articles for the website to write some original text to promote your web site, but a lot of the time did not mind thinking, did not work out, a lot of time I also do the keyboard and a lot of Shanghai dragon like Er, today is not to write, write more tomorrow! Have such psychological inertia, in fact, the test at this time is whether to have the self defeating attitude, this thing just write text is a little difficult, once wrote a two or three word, will Evans, therefore, no state is not terrible, but no good mentality is absolutely not.

we know that most of the time the success of website optimization and the operator’s attitude is has a very close relationship, as the site administrator, we how to adjust their mentality, let optimization work to improve efficiency, the attitude is very important, so we have to start from the details of

fourth, the optimization must stick to your own moral bottom line. The search engine can now be said to have been very perfect, as Shanghai dragon Er we need to keep their professional conscience and moral bottom line, especially the enterprise station, many enterprises stand on behalf of the brand image of the enterprise, as the helm of Shanghai dragon Er website, we must stick to your own moral bottom line, adhere to the white hat methods to suit.

second, the optimization is to constantly sum up and found. Why do some optimization webmaster can not start, do not have their own ideas, in fact, in my opinion the ideas from the daily accumulation, whether it is new or veteran, every day in the optimization process will encounter many new problems, some are encountered but many times their unexpected problems, we have to by virtue of their careful thinking and judgment to solve the problem, this is actually a process of our experience, we need to take these records, get a daily record of this, summed up their own in the optimization process of some experience of feeling constantly, this process is actually in self promotion.