The website construction details win in the optimization of the little known but can not be ignored


on the other hand, whether you have noticed the optimization Title delimiter? Common delimiters are generally "|" line, "-" connectors, "-" "_" dashes, underscores, and even space. But the reporter what is good or bad? I want to say is, "_" and a space more conducive to the title keyword reorganization, the other separator still can search engine keyword matching free, but you can see the actual optimization, and the optimization effect is inferior to the former. Even in Shanghai, love itself is not also used "_" to do the delimiter? And as for the vertical bar, a dash separator, is mainly used to distinguish between the main and subsidiary Title title.

H label, in optimization can produce effect of "H1, H2, H3, the H1 tag is the best, followed by the other. But rare, for the H1 label, generally in the web page optimization, each page only once. Not why, is this, H2 tags can make numerous appear. The H1 is often used in a single page in the title, H2 can be placed to use LOGO to. If the list page, with multiple titles, is the title of the H2, LOGO>

H Tag Optimization? How to optimize, and you know how much? If you absolutely ignorant of a topic, listen to this binary finish.


," a comma, for this if you have attention? Usually write the habitual for segmentation, but the author advocates use spaces instead of. Binary think "," appears in the title which included. Of course, the last point is only personal analysis and speculation.

for the title how you understand? If the professional Shanghai Longfeng know better than to length more than title search engines can show the effect of. Although the long title search engines will be replaced by an ellipsis, but when it comes to optimize, is still not good. For example, do you know why A5 submission requirements title to no more than 22 words? Streamline striking at the same time, some optimization scheme included.

H Tag Optimization detailsIf you The title of the "

search engine optimization, website optimization and its cis write rules for, who do more in line with the rule of the search engine optimization scheme, finally, whose ranking is higher. Thus, the exposure in the search engine based on the Internet, not always the first, there is only continuous innovation and technology upgrading, ranking the survival of the fittest. How to win a space for one person in the website? The key lies in whether can optimize the technology to beat the pack. In actual operation, every day the old station was K, also has the new catch up from behind. Why can the new challenge to the number of only ten home, more is to do those who do not recognize the optimization details of people, or the same way to optimize, and how to win in the talent shows itself? The details of Shanghai website production company pilot technology following further analysis:

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