Search engine optimization strategy seven let the words complex

index below 100, the minimum degree of competition

3, the 300-500 index, the degree of competition for medium

the love Shanghai index shows:

2, the search results in 50-100 million, the degree of competition in the industry is too small.

2, the 100-300 index, the degree of competition for the next

4, the search results in 300-500 million, the degree of competition in the industry side, there is a certain degree of difficulty

is the single word cold with not much real return, but a hot word is difficult. For our webmaster, how to choose? Then I advocate keywords caloric collocation, partial word collocation.


4, the 500-1000 index, the higher degree of competition

so-called "hot words" that the user search index is higher, with such words to do is bound to bear great pressure of competition, no good technical ability is difficult to make up. "Cold" is just the opposite and hot words, users concerned about the small, small amount of search, word or phrase competition pressure and small. Shanghai dragon er by love Shanghai index and search related page to determine the extent of cold and hot words.

5, the search results in more than 5 million, the degree of competition in the industry is high, hot words absolutely, high difficulty


definition about part of speech

some webmaster for the keyword positioning are often to the popular word, even to the point of the pursuit of "fever". Hot words seemingly high benefit but why not bring high flow? The reason is too much competition, and the webmaster in these words do not good ranking, cannot produce natural flow. However, some seemingly ordinary, or cold words common partial website can bring huge traffic to the site, is how to explain the further analysis in this paper:

: a

1, the search results show less than 500 thousand, the degree of competition in the industry is very small, it is easy to do


3, the search results in 100-300 million, the degree of competition in the industry medium heat medium

hot words do not have to do about the interpretation, so how to select the cold word? In the combination of the above analysis of hot and cold word can be judged. Cold and thin and fine.

index is more than 1000, the highest degree of competition

Key words:

of course, the above judgment may not be too strict, for more ER there are a lot of Shanghai Longfeng judgment method. The above is only personal on a standard to judge the degree of cold and hot keywords. The above things can be summarized and eventually, but in a more intuitive or so to write out. After understanding the criteria we continue the following:

through the search engine search volume analysis:

two "complex"