Rookie webmaster share three months experience in website optimization

site outside the chain construction

optimization for three months, the station now optimization results also have preliminary results, from the new domain name do now PR=2, love Shanghai love Shanghai weight =3, included 1190, Shanghai love the chain to be 10800 (these days the chain has reduced the acid intermediate point), a more bitter sweet, this time love Shanghai has frequent updates as you all know, I also from the original site of the snapshot to No. 2.10, but the site inside pages or included, believe that as long as you can do the original article chain steadily continue to maintain a few days will be able to update here, here to share my four core site optimization part. Optimization of figure data on this website,

construction site outside the chain need to pay attention to "the construction of the chain need to have extensive, the best chain is the chain, the chain correlation analysis is to build a stable and reasonable use of competitors" chain is a long-term stable process, we need to insist unremittingly to repeat a simple what is the great thing in the course of time. The original in the [贵族宝贝go1212贵族宝贝] freckle tips please indicate the source.

two, website content arrangement


website is a website of the soul, you should have a thorough understanding of the industry can, first understand your industry is what to do, then you this website is mainly to do that part of this industry, you can provide what kind of service, you can help those people know. You can use these love Shanghai index, Google index, webmaster query tools, love stand nets and some auxiliary tools to determine the target keywords, but also analyzes the rival keywords, keyword selection when not too hot and not too cold, moderate

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three, the chain construction site

Select the


station early for web content, the integration of resources is also very important, we must first understand the industry, in the sub sectors you do website is that one, the relevant content together, in detail after finishing reading, false original article, this site is an on-line network station can have substantial contents of their own in the search engine, is very friendly, also can help you through the love of Shanghai assessment period. For you after the original artifacts have a vital foundation.

website is rich in content, timing quantitative update web content, then begin the construction of the chain of the site, the chain construction is actually the site content and the content of the web, to see how you can weave all roads lead to Rome, but also for the spiders very smooth, do not get lost, the construction site within the chain in fact the building is the home page, link between list page and detail page.

, a web site keywordsKeywords