The difference of love and love Shanghai Shanghai keyword recommended tools index


why is this love Shanghai intentional? Because the main income of Shanghai is love through the auction keywords, and want the enterprise can be money, the best way is to use keywords, and how to let advertisers believe these words is worth? It should try to launch love Shanghai keywords recommended tools for everyone to use, many advertisers choose this tool to view the limited nature of their choice is very popular keywords, the search volume is very high, when the search volume keywords exceeded the average daily tens of thousands of its own, must think his choice of words. The word is willing to pay for the cost, so the purpose of love Shanghai agree, this is the main reason why love Shanghai keyword recommendation tools and love Shanghai index has the difference, everything is due to the interests of

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when many webmaster love love Shanghai use keyword recommendation tool to select keywords, then I made this keyword optimization Website internal structure is very good, but then I found in the statistical data, there are more than 10 thousand of the average daily search volume tool says, through the search engine to IP only 10, sometimes that no one is statistical tools for the problem? I have used several statistical tools to search engine statistics over the flow, it still seems, statistical tools have no problem, the problem is I began to search for keywords! Why is there such a serious difference since the discovery the root cause of this problem? I love Shanghai’s internal business secret

now we have to talk about the differences in the role of

webmaster affirmation of love and love Shanghai Shanghai keyword recommended tools index is very understanding, but we have not really compare the two methods of analysis of key words? If we use daily search volume keywords love Shanghai recommended tools check out the keywords, and then love Shanghai index comparison, you will find that the difference is very big. Don’t love Shanghai, the algorithm has a problem, although this is abnormal, but I believe that the webmaster many people have discovered the problem, just to let yourself and others in the competition have the initiative, so the change of these nuances is not willing to disclose to others, to know a lot of technology is a layer of paper Pierce, who knows, it will not be able to be called

in the above words we know love Shanghai keyword recommended tools error is intentional, so the search volume keywords get so high in the end is what kind of role? That is to start from the Shanghai love love Shanghai charges, according to the number of key words is to click on the money, single click the general popular keywords to cost a little higher, if the average daily search volume is relatively large so naturally can click on the quantity is relatively high, so the money will be more, so some people will ask, actually the traffic is not little love? How can the click rate of Shanghai? For procedural matters if you want to achieve >


first to analyze why there is this difference