Shanghai dragon ER how to rapid accumulation of resources to improve competitiveness


2. how to quickly accumulate resource advantage to enhance the competitiveness of

second, good > rapid accumulation

Shanghai dragon is not a mystery, it is said through the website structure, content, keywords, chain, chain and other factors, for the website optimization in other words, optimization of these factors, the optimization of specific objects and methods defined in accordance with the rules of search engine targeted optimization. As a work of Shanghai Dragon ER. After receiving the order, what we need is in accordance with the agreed with the customer goals, and strive to achieve the top keywords in the agreed time, the number of sites included do standard, the website snapshot be updated every day. So, these optimization methods are not mysterious.

first, the accumulation of a variety of high quality resources in Shanghai dragon. The Shanghai dragon ER, often need to use some of the high quality of the chain release platform, in the face of the Internet marketing platform in the vast, selected from high quality is to enhance the optimization effect of shortcut. Therefore, to actively collect and accumulate high weight, loose management, chain effect good platform, do the registration, for whenever you need to quickly find and use.

to achieve this ideal and goal, Shanghai dragon ER will need to continue to pursue progress, update their knowledge base, continue to explore the experience from practice, experience. In my opinion, several years of experience taught me a word, that is "Shanghai dragon competition is not the means of how clever you, but you have to have rich resources." The seemingly simple and even some extreme words, in fact, is behind the practical experience I do in Shanghai Longfeng years accumulated. As a simple sentence is "Shanghai Dragon King of resources." Why do you say


is not mysterious, determines the effect and efficiency of the Shanghai dragon is actually Shanghai dragon ER hands of resources, these resources is that you can be used to optimize the tools to the customer site, abundant resources determine the efficiency of your work, also decides the optimization work. So, the king of resources, once you have the most abundant the highest quality resources, not only can improve the optimization efficiency, can harvest the effect of customer satisfaction.

in Shanghai Longfeng resource advantages in the work

Behind the method of

rapid accumulation of resources to fully optimize the resources and the accumulation of a variety of search can be used on the one hand, on the other hand is to actively accumulate related resources from through the actual case, for later use.

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Shanghai dragon has been increasingly well known, this market is also accompanied by adding more and more new Shanghai dragon ER and enhance the level of competition, in the face of competition such as earlier in the workers in the industry can not help but to think about how to continue to occupy the advantage from it, for people to quickly play their own talent shows itself. One day.