Some practical skills of website optimization expert method

enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng, because of the low cost, this is the advantage of low cost and high efficiency, is the enterprise to do the results you want, but for Shanghai dragon, the cost is low, but to achieve the benefits of time is very long. So how do the site optimization, improve site conversion is one of the webmaster consideration, optimize the lottery website system such products from below, skills and share some practical methods, methods can not say how good, but all the years of experience.


, a website optimization from the start of

site optimization design is not only the design of the work, but from the perspective of Shanghai dragon website design. Shanghai dragon to achieve a certain height, is not only about a few key words, need to think from the site of the internal to the external promotion of all-round construction. In the design optimization of the lottery station, the site is beautiful optimization foundation, a very important factor of website loading speed is user experience. Do the lottery website system, the product in the home station, navigation bar and column I try not to use pictures or JS style, column level uses three pages. Hierarchy. From the column page to page I have a return to the previous page and home page set for our lottery website, so users browse.

website optimization keywords Why do the

1, website optimization design

2, optimize the structure of the website domain name

in Shanghai algorithm after adjustment for web site keywords optimization has.

optimization on website design, optimize the structure and the next step is to do the work of the domain name. The choice of the domain name can give priority to name closely with the theme of the site is high, but how this domain name is too long, recommend the use of a simple easy to remember domain name. In the lottery website domain name selection, I use easy to remember domain name, this search engine included in client memory. The website structure is mainly considering the path level things, do the lottery website system 贵族宝贝 station, we keep the page path within three class, because more than four pages included is the effect is not very good, I also the lottery website is to avoid the use of dynamic pages, this page to use easy to search engine included.

from the current situation, the purpose of a website optimization is to promote product sales and promotion of corporate brand, this is the so-called enterprise website; another kind of website is information station, the main purpose is to rely on advertising revenue drainage. My main contact is the enterprise website, as I do now is to promote the lottery lottery website, the main system, the purpose is very strong, mainly in order to promote the sales of products. Enterprise transformation station more often than traffic, even if only 5 clicks, if the 5 can click into this transformation, more than 10 hits a 5 conversion effect even better. The enterprise website also has a role in brand promotion.