Love to talk about Shanghai bluff Site and real quantity index

thus, the so-called true love Shanghai numerical index compression root is a bluff, it is indeed possible to love Shanghai included your site data, but these data do not necessarily receive the opportunity to show. The so-called inaccurate estimates of the site only included the results, although only a subset of the real index set, but it is really the actual search results ranking may obtain access to the display, this is some master Shanghai dragon Er mentioned the importance of your website site results, because it is not very useful to the real quantity index.

from the beginning of last year, Shanghai began to promote the love love Shanghai statistics of its own, when most of the stations have suffered a substantial reduction in the number of the site website, love Shanghai given the way is love to see Shanghai statistical index, that is true, then love Shanghai in site command query directly behind with a description: site results are not accurate, but estimates to accurate results with love Shanghai Statistics (this year plus Webmaster Platform), the fact is it really? Let me use my own station to make a simple comparison.

statements of a school, may not be accurate, please paizhuan.

I picked out a few headline basically there will be no repeat of the article, complete title search, according to the actual amount of the more than 100 index, the few samples, the total can not have just missed is not indexed to the search results disappointing: only to be copied to each big webmaster the obtained results show the platform, and my own home station, occasionally there will be (content matching), full title page, there was no one. Then I also increased the range of samples, each article inside the website of the title search result is: only the site included in the article, the search in the full title case shows, and usually known as the real index but there is no site included, a page shows the results are not.

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my station is not long, only a few months, the index of love Shanghai webmaster tools inside to check has been ups and downs (because of being copied the contents of a large number of results, when the highest volume index) reached more than 100, then the total number is more than 100, almost all of which could be considered as the basic have been to the index, but this time the results of site? Only one page only, let us look at the search results.