On site Flash optimization of several difficult mishap


is the author of the current observation, at present a lot of type Flash site is built on an URL address, why? Because there is a lot of the station type Flash site is put all the pages are integrated in a dynamic SWF file, and SWF file to the server, which leads to a problem, all of the pages are likely to be included in the same URL address. Compared with ordinary site, this site is the lack of a lot of advantages, and the optimization will be more flexible.

: less than four relative to other type of site, Flash site long time to load

two: site content type Flash is relatively less


as I mentioned in the first point to the Flash website are generally all pages in a SWF file, the URL address will cause fewer problems, but also will cause the Flash sites lack a deeper link, some Flash website may even have only one page link the dilemma.

compared to ordinary web pages, Flash inevitably need more loading time, for this experience we can from the fire before the rural feel, when every time we enter the farm, we all need to go through a period of time to wait for the loading of flash files. This is the same for the Flash site. Friendly search engine ranking and user experience and site load speed will also affect the site.

Flash site as a result of its unique properties, construction contents on the Flash site compared with the ordinary site will have certain limitations, such as page space etc.. So often as a Flash site content will be relatively less. High quality content of the site is a site made the basis of the station. If the contents are not, what to talk about optimization. Therefore Flash site content shortage has become a major mishap inevitable.


Flash site in the search engine optimization industry has been dubbed the most difficult to optimize site types, the reason we found that in addition to the current search engine can not identify the FLASH, and is currently Flash for Shanghai dragon or unfriendly. In the early 08 years as the world’s largest search engine Google is committed to the development of the index of the contents of the Flash technology, and they have also announced that can index the contents of Flash, and even one of the links. But we also have to face the Flash site itself for the factors of Shanghai Longfeng not friendly, we have to face these problems.

: Flash type sites are generally only a URL

Therefore > The

: no less than three Flash deep links to