Talk about my CAD growth pathTeach you fast access to Taobao’s top 10 cheats

three, set product title

, I’m Hao Yang, interior design major. I’ll share my CAD growth path with you, and you’ll be able to decipher the fastest way to master CAD!

five, avoid search mask

so sloshing in the field for half a year, looking for a sales job, every call, distribute leaflets, work can earn money, every time, the Mid Autumn Festival is homesick, but I have enough to go back to the ticket before half a month, even more money on rent not much left. Besides, I don’t want to go back. I have to say something.

now, the society, no money can do the object?

the second part, managing user

the third part, selling fans

1, positioning profiteering products

one, with fans automatically promote

is alive every day by yourself or other things which we brainwashing brainwashing, the most serious is the traditional education that most people will only blindly follow the trend, to live ", no self, do not have their own unique thinking and personality! This is a very terrible thing, suggesting that the traditional education of our the idea is mostly wrong!

whether you have any work experience, people have to work, I go, ah, where to get work? Desperation, from the Internet under a sadly into a truer, to my plan guide from CAD to MAX, to tell the truth, really not to export the line is broken. The work was not done.

, for example:

wasn’t what occupation planning, who knows! Do not know what to do in the future, do not know what good work, when to graduate looking for work dumbfounded.

as a business, the product is our only tool to communicate with customers, product selection is wrong, everything is floating clouds, you can according to the following criteria to locate profiteering products:

I majored in computer art and design, but I didn’t mean to go to this school, so I majored in it.

four, initial user comments

Part 1, looking for customer

Part 1, looking for customer

past marketing concepts are: find products, manage products, sell products.

find customers directly, directly and effectively on Taobao?

1, improve product cost performance

two, quick upload product


in this nagging, my classmates are too shameless, Lao Zi no money, but also let brother treat, rely on, well, in order to work, endure this guy in the construction company to make a budget, 5000 oceans per month. < >


two, set up shop brand

was thinking about computer art and maybe human art… Evil.. Ha ha,

sophomore major, computer art design is divided into flat and interior, I reported indoors, when it was popular professional. The software is CAD, 3D, PS, the other is OK, but this is how to learn CAD, looked at the awkward! A flat and uninteresting line, and out of order command, feeling how to learn such a professional? Slowly, lessons are not listened to, not Internet bar is to nest in the dormitory to read novels. Graduation project, the teacher let the group do architectural animation, looking at other students’ work, the heart is envious, and some disdain, cattle what? Is not a broken house?

and the right marketing concept is: find customers, manage users, sell fans.

first, before you start the theme, you have to open or own a Taobao store, and choose a shop that you like and fix it. Then, you must put down the idea of operating Taobao shop, and seriously study the different ideas and methods I teach. This article will be divided into three parts to teach you to enter the top 10 Taobao, the main content of the Outline:

!How can

four, increase user viscosity

said, my fate seems to have been bad, the college entrance examination for 3 months, the result of the examination of a junior college. Still only three, this school was not I want to go, because I think the specific, specifically two certainly go, the results of my scores are enough for college Ti Dangxian, but not enough on the professional. Helpless, go up,

marketing is to find customers, this is the beginning of all marketing, this trick to play well, is very simple to earn some money, but it won’t be long! Will find customers can only prove that you have some promotion skills, practical marketing with not too much on Taobao! Most sellers only to find customers on the ups and downs, is equal to the layman, more than 80% of the sellers was over


1, positioning profiteering products

worked for 2 years without earning any money, and the family was no longer strong enough to call me back. It is near at home to find it, how to find? Are the tens of millions of graduates every year to recruit, will squeeze squeeze, finally on a resume, didn’t even look. Looking for half a year online, or work experience, or physical work. Shit, depressed! No way! Look for old classmates.

The first level of

1, regional products. The basic purpose of online shopping is to use the Internet this powerful tool, you can easily buy local products, which is also the core value of the existence of electricity supplier.

three, establish user database

three, start profitable,

? !

two, so that customer service more humane