Understand the search engine spiders help pages included smooth habits

2: get rid of unfriendly code page. Because of technical limitations of the search engine, search engine spider web technology for some are unable to crawl or crawling problems, such as JS, flash, AJAX is a typical representative of. How this on our website of these technologies will be related to the choice of trial sites for search engine spiders are friendly.


search engine to crawl pages we find, after the relevant content of the inside pages, it will begin executing a task: try to grab our pages. Here is a keyword that is "try", indeed, after the search engine into our page and not a hundred per cent will grab this one page. For sometime, there will be some of our site friendly design will hinder this task, so we’ll see how to make our web page more on the search engine spider friendly.


site has been included as a key indicator of the health of a judge whether the site. When we worry about the page has not been included, if you want to, site level factors where ultimately come from? Yes, that is the search engine spiders. We know that the search engine spider is a program of the crawling robot, and included in our website, if we can better understand the preferences and habits of it and take advantage of, then we can more easily upgrade the inside pages of the site collection. And then we’ll talk about the spider crawling habit.

1: try to keep the stability of the server space. We know that the search engine spiders crawling and grab the need for a stable space, if our site because of instability, when the search engine spiders crawling and crawling was shut down in time, it will make the search engine spiders have a bad impression. If repeated this instability events, will make the search engine spiders to lose patience with you, out of your site.

: a spider crawling habitCreeping habit of

of course we analyzed the search engine spiders crawl >

search engine spiders and the nature of the spider is very similar, is a net to crawl to grab prey. Our site is the search engine spiders prey, if the search engine spiders have a large network enough, how to further our site to crawl. We need to provide the search engine spiders all kinds of links can be more efficient to let the spider crawling. Why do we site pages included scanty reason is that we provide, from the search engine spiders crawl links is too limited, or is too loose. In addition to this strong chain, the chain is also one of the key indicators, we can link some relevant content to add more articles within the page, let the spider can further crawl and grab our pages.

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