To explore the development of Shanghai mobile Dragon

is a set of data, in the Christmas of 2007, Apple launched a new iPhone, people can surf the Internet to open it immediately. On the platform of iPhone mobile search is higher than that in other statistics on the mobile platform and on the day of Google.

can explain what? People really want to surf the Internet using mobile phone? I think not too many people love the Internet with a small screen phone, but with the development of science and technology, the mobile phone screen bigger, there are more and more suitable for mobile phone access to the Internet, so people in the habit of change. This leads to the emergence of a new market, in order to adapt to the emerging mobile network, we will change the optimization policy in our, begin to understand user behavior of mobile network. The market is not mature, to seize the initiative.


5. is the most important content to display on top of the site: because from the user’s perspective, the general users do not put the website scroll to the bottom of the page, so you want the user to see the contents of a time, try to put content in the location of the nearest and the top of the page.

6. uses formatting tags such as < h> < b> &>.


1. navigation links should be simple, not too complicated, it is easy to find the home page link. (note that your text links must be large enough, not the user to click on your text links to other websites click wrong).

3. using the robots file. To want to be content crawler to find quickly can be reptiles found.

4. If you use must pay attention to resolution.

Try not to use images

with the development of science and technology, more and more people begin to use mobile phone Internet, there are also a lot of people use mobile phone shopping, so that Shanghai mobile Shenyang Shanghai dragon dragon will become more and more important. Below I will talk about the Shenyang Shanghai dragon PU for mobile view.

2. can not use animation, pop, JS, jQuery technology, because it doesn’t support the mobile technology.

(mobile network nobility baby search engine)

for mobile devices in Shanghai dragon, like different mobile devices and ordinary mobile network, Shanghai dragon also is different from the ordinary network, some of the rules but he can still apply the ordinary network (in fact, Shanghai dragon is the most important to the user as the core, but other details are different). We first give an example: first we have our mobile site target customers, understand the experience of mobile Internet users, users generally not in the mobile web browser and click on dozens of pages, so do the site must be concise. So the author believes that Shanghai mobile dragon must have the following characteristics.