The most complete discuz Methods X2 forum php removal of the tail

(6) the new theme page crumbs navigation location

(1) in the main navigation button


(2) found in discuz.htm templatedefaultforum, about nineteenth lines of position



(3) partition section of the breadcrumb navigation position

, breadcrumb navigation home page and partition in the forum.php section is removed.

(2) of the breadcrumb navigation forum home position

After this step

(7) 2 return button

"; topic list page

www. jump to default Forum

              < a href= "forum.php" > < a href= is revised as follows: "贵族宝贝$_G[‘setting’][‘domain’][‘app’][‘forum’]/ >

(8) archiver/ page


I know, discuz forum is in those places with forum.php, then according to the following steps to remove

(9) enter the domain name with the domain name贵族宝贝/forum.php

one by one


(5) theme pages breadcrumb navigation position

set the domain name in the background


set in the main navigation forum button removed forum.php



(4) topic list page breadcrumb navigation position

before the operation, we first look at the discuz forum contains forum.php tail place:

first statement: This is a method for removing the forum.php tail of most of the discuz forum, before also has seen a similar article, but follow the steps, you will find that there are many places have left the forum.php tail. This is not conducive to the website of Shanghai dragon. Today, SEM college to organize a method to remove the forum.php tail of the most perfect.