The Shanghai dragon novice growth necessary to face the problem

this article just say it, after all, everyone is from the bottom out, only to walk and look back when you grew up, you will find that there are a lot of feelings, and many others and different opinions and conclusions, all a person walking way is different, Shanghai Dragon go its own way, let other people say, now, said a Shanghai Longfeng growth process, several problems must be faced with.

second, respect every practice of Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon is through practice it, for example, now there are a lot of people to write their own Shanghai Longfeng experience, but there are a lot of people are not the specific practice, but a vague summed up their own point of view, let you listen to the vague, and cannot be dismissed, so here is whether it is right or wrong, others are hard to summarize, and more is the people say, I read a book, say not so, said it should be like that, that is provided, that is fixed, and so on, keyword density before 2%-8% do not know how many people ask, do not know whether do you remember now, do you know whether the data is through practice, how many Shanghai dragon why Shanghai Longfeng keyword density??? So, please respect every Shanghai dragon you practice. You can use the final practice to observe the practice of others, this is what you should do.

finally, list their Shanghai Longfeng ideas, promote their own growth. Once I write my own ideas for Shanghai dragon 10, should belong to the Shanghai dragon like experience, but also to the last being specific argument, that is of great significance to the growth of their own, this is to think about the meaning of Shanghai dragon, do you think we should do in Shanghai dragon in order to improve the efficiency of it, you should know.

first, his Shanghai based dragon solid. People always think the Shanghai dragon is very simple, there are always people who say Shanghai dragon is the content and the chain, here you know Shanghai Longfeng rules and must avoid any problems, know what the structure is the best, know Shanghai Longfeng misunderstanding? And so on, when it is more, the author thinks that Shanghai Longfeng foundation did not play well, also is the Shanghai based Phoenix not understand, when you put the Shanghai dragon based understanding of many, and many lies at the heart of the, you know, Shanghai dragon is not so simple, it will face too much, but too many of these, you again know what? Know if the site is down the right, can directly find the reason? Is it impossible to find the cause of the problem would say, "love Shanghai crazy", remember that this is ever seen in Shanghai Dragon Staff One answer, when unable to answer would say, love Shanghai crazy, so answer, I believe everything for a reason, have fruit, and these are closely linked with Shanghai Longfeng foundation, only to grasp the foundation, can quickly find the problem and solutions.

Several problems of Shanghai Longfeng novice growth