Gao Penglai navigation group does its local group purchase competition

4, the external links

website is the website of friendship, is a person, you with a good contact, you will become good, you bad with a bad contact, so let me think of a word, he said. What primary school learning idioms, can now be used.

today Gao Peng website opened a 2 group purchase project, more and more competition. The internet station mostly to start a group purchase, but we these small group purchase

Friendship chain

2, the site of the internal links

site navigation network

external links, analyzes the group purchase website links, a lot of the chain are the SNS community, we can go to the SNS community, can also go to the forum, as long as we can write, try to write on the link. The competitiveness of the group purchase, only interested in this game in each group purchase group purchase, navigation should do its own job. Remember this sentence: the user experience is always the first one. Shenyang group purchase website source group 196 (贵族宝贝196tuan贵族宝贝)

The importance of

3, websiteThe

each site has its own unique, or the structure of the site, or is the site of the color, the user experience of the website. The causes of knowledge reflects the importance of the article. Just as when we write the composition of primary school, what, how the original statement, and so on, the purpose is to let readers love you write more, tell the user you get those who learned.

do?The original is the fundamental

group purchase navigation, there are several important keywords, such as the group purchase group purchase group purchase navigation, local network Daquan, etc., with the establishment of the group purchase key, we need to arrange the site layout, the layout is very important, to see the user click on the section is relatively high. The forum and content to be divided into weight.