8 suggestions for e commerce websites in Shanghai Dragon

electronic commerce website is different, the high requirements on the flow of this kind of website, said mass is not over, if only by a few enterprises and keywords is obviously unable to bring enough traffic, not drive sales website. So the electronic commerce website needs to contain a large number of keywords, each page of the website, corresponds to a keyword. To a large number of keywords is not difficult to find, as long as from the industry, from the user, from the angle of product to analyze, it is easy to find out a lot of basic keywords.

electronic commerce website requires massive flow, the greater the flow, transformation more, and want to get massive search traffic, there must be a massive web site keywords. Keywords mass should be said is the electronic commerce website, especially an advantage in large e-commerce site, general enterprise official website, only a few dozen product pages, so the key words usually mined are relatively limited, so some key words are generally of Shanghai Longfeng do ranking optimization, even if successful, while the corresponding enterprise website IP is more than 100.

second, according to the different age, different gender, different levels of the crowd can be the same as above, a combination of a lot of long tail keywords.

first, clothes have different brands, different styles, different types, different size, color and so on, so these different things can be combined together to form a large number of long tail keywords, such as leisure clothes, Adidas Adidas tight sportswear, JACK&JONES black shirts, you can dig out many keywords according to different in addition to dig word attributes, conventional methods, can some of the electricity supplier website Taobao.

finally, since it is selling clothes, according to clothes, clothing, dress collocation protection knowledge mining a large number of keywords, but also according to the activities, topics, and the combination of a lot of clothes suit

for a very simple example, your website is selling various brands of clothing:

The keywords , a mining of massive keywordsThe

e-commerce website optimization has become one of the most important business network marketing strategy, a global optimization is not in good condition of e-commerce website, supply and demand information not only in the search engine to search, even in the internal site classification catalogues, site search, navigation systems are difficult to find potential users, such as e-commerce platform website the commercial value will continue to be reduced, so the website optimization is an indispensable part of the electronic commerce website must pay attention to it, not only has no "business", how in the electronic commerce website many of the need to do a lot of talent shows itself? Here, wood only pointed out 8 suggestions for e-commerce websites in Shanghai dragon.

of course, this is just a thought, according to your situation, you can find more different points, advantages of discovering a large number of keywords >