2014 Shanghai dragon ultimate showdown strategy

however, this means there is no need for station promotion? Here I am from the site optimization experience and we can talk about the lottery website system, outside the station optimization or optimization with the station proper, but the premise is that you stand outside the optimization of resources and website content is high related. Site to high quality. In the optimization of the lottery website system, my idea is to optimize the station, outside the station to promote the principle of complementary, resource station is my patient. The content and chain comparison, I think the content of the importance of ranking is higher than that of the outer chain. Even if there is no amount of outside chain, users come to the site through a link, can not see the useful content, will feel flat and uninteresting. Although the chain is not much, but users come to the site, see the useful content, will linger, even reprint your article, website become regulars.

two, Shanghai dragon ultimate strategy structure of

is the ultimate strategy in Shanghai in 2014 the dragon is not invented for web content. Continue to adjust 2013 love Shanghai algorithm, the foreign chain hit strength information analysis concluded that the degree of attention to the content of the love of Shanghai. The search engine is for customer service, change its ranking algorithm, is focusing on how to accurately lock the user valuable content. So, Shanghai dragon ultimate one strategy is winning content. At present our lottery website content optimization 贵族宝贝yikuyun贵族宝贝/pro/sales/ system mainly from the copy of a write to improve, to provide quality information for users; the update is our lottery website system a key site optimization, mainly to update some high quality, high reading articles.

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, a Shanghai dragon ultimate strategy website

content is a stable ranking trump, so the website structure is the premise of the site to get good rankings of. Site optimization ranking is required for the structure of the station, not any structure can obtain a simple ranking. The common structure type construction site:

, 2014 for the optimization of Shanghai dragon road how this problem is the webmaster friends repeated. The blink of an eye in 2014 March, but in 2014 the optimization way of how to go, now we still fear. Maybe some Shanghai Longfeng workers and find a way, but not yet in-depth study. On the Internet, voice of Shanghai dragon the ultimate strategy in 2014 is the highest: the content of the website and the website structure strategy. Below I from the lottery website system site optimization experience to share some experience with you: the ultimate showdown website content and website structure to take you into the Shanghai dragon.


1, the tree structure of website. The tree structure is a tree with luxuriant foliage and twigs Festival related joint extension spreading. The tree structure requires the home page to column page, column page to page, before I do the lottery website system is also according to this idea.