Add a directory of Google breadcrumb navigation within 24 hours

1, first the new directory inherits the weight of the main station, that’s for sure, but it is very important that you master the weight of how high, then directly determines your website the following directory can inherit how much weight.

. I update the article, some believe that this is the original, to search engine, is to their taste.

recorded an event yesterday morning, I put a navigation bar of a website, delete the part, while increasing the part, but also in time yesterday afternoon, the new increase in each column to update a few articles. Just now, I see that the search engines when the noble baby for each post every new directory are included. And also, for the new directory to a breadcrumb navigation.

2, the depth of the directory, the URL level I website basically is this: domain name / directory / page. That is to say when users enter the site, basically, with two clicks you can browse to the page. It can be said that URL levels have enough light.

?4, the original degree of The original

address: www.linkorno贵族宝贝, reproduced please keep the source.

, 3 station link. I am in the update list below the increase, while the update is not much, then nearly 10 appearance, however, each article is edited manually, make Sitelinks, and basically refer to the column page. Although the new directory page no external links, but for each article, give the column page a link to a vote. In the search engine will see how

why a new directory can in such a short time of noble baby give weight so high? And what are the external links or in the case of. And part of the long tail search ranking is very good, basically are in the home. My analysis is as follows: