Analysis of abnormal changes in the chain of love Shanghai

5, website message board chain;


6, forum posting the chain;


basically every day some insist on doing them, since the date of birth, now nearly a month, so before the chain in more than 1000 is normal, but because of a sudden loss of the chain, it must also find the reasons from the chain.

7, love Shanghai Douding library chain;

I recommend:

The chain, from the two The


in network marketing, promotion methods all the webmaster the myriads of changes, but always cannot do without one thing, the chain, the chain is from other sites into their own websites. Link is a very important process for website optimization. The quality of import links directly determine the weight of our website in search engine. This is every webmaster will do, the chain relationship with the ranking of a website, weight, survival, and the snapshot update, this is very important. In recent days, the author found that the public uproar net chain for love Shanghai search engine, abnormal, below is the recent data:

chain directly from 1330 down to 421, which for a web site, is undoubtedly a major blow, deliberate. In fact, we all know that a site behind the stable rankings often have to support a large number of the chain, and the chain recently so unusual, what is the "blessing" or "bad", I believe that many owners have different views, the author for the loss of the chain to do some thinking and suggestions and hope to all the webmaster help.

(1) forum signature chain, each big forum signature now can be done in text form signature, this is undoubtedly the website optimization is a good choice, but not.

2, Q & a chain;

The chain

, the phenomenon of missing, the site itself is a scourge, but for experienced webmaster, may be a reminder, also is a fortune". Why do you say, because a lot of the chain lost cause website ranking, website slipped right down the phenomenon, the author said is the scourge. Then why is the "Fu"? Because I think success often have many failures, do stand too, too easily behind success often have many drawbacks, the sooner the better, so that the author called "Fu", this also lets me see the huge cloud site outside chain number in".

3, submitted to the soft way outside the chain;

blog way outside the chain;

1, BBS signature chain;

data update, the author of the chain are analyzed and summarized, I first look at the most used chain main ways: